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July 14, 2014

This is Konrad's and my third knitalong where we both knit the same sweater.  Last season most of the sweaters were for women, well, this is always the case, but I noticed fewer than ever sweaters for men.  My knitting friend Konrad noticed it too.  I had a bright idea for us to knit the same sweater and he could modify it for a man.  In fact, this was not new to him as he has done this before.  Konrad has had the lion share of the work for this KAL, but if you follow his knitting, you'll know that making modifications like this comes second nature to him.  

Our last sweater together is Solitaire by Martin Storey from the Truesilk Collection.  The pattern was meant to use 100% mulberry silk, Rowan Truesilk, but instead I used Rowan Cotton Glace.  It had the same weight and gauge so was a pretty easy change.  My reason for the switch is that I was planning to use this as a casual summer sweater and the cotton was more casual than the silk.  I am however using the Truesilk for a scarf as a gift and it's very lovely.  The Cotton Glace is great for summer, cool and light, machine washable and easy on the hands.  It comes in beautiful, bright summer colors but I was drawn to this clean white which would make the lace pop.

I  made modifications to make it smaller by casting on less stitches for each piece, front, back and sleeves, making sure that the stitch count would still work for the lace pattern repeat.  I love mine, it fits well and I've been wearing it often.  What drew me to this sweater was the pretty lace at the hem and neck.  I knew Konrad would have to remove it, but had no idea that he would be able to keep the spirit of the sweater by using a narrower version of the lace repeat as stripes.  His modifications are genius! I saw it in person when we were visiting the Rowan mill and I could hardly believe it!  We showed it to Martin and he wholeheartedly approved. 

If you are newish to lace, remember it's just a bit of yarn overs and knit two togethers.  This was an easy pattern to memorize and makes sense after knitting a few rows.  A fun lace pattern.

I hope you've enjoyed the three KALs we've had over the last 6 months.  We've had a lot of fun and I've made a good friend.  

We finished just in the nick of time as the fabulous new Fall/Winter season will be available on July 15.   Stay tuned for my favorites that I'll be sharing over the next few weeks. 

Promise me you'll check out Konrad's Solitaire blog post!
The Truesilk Collection by Martin Storey at Jannette's
Cotton Glace at Black Sheep Wools
My Ravelry page for Solitaire has needle size, yardage, etc.


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  1. I love your article, Kristen. And I love how you knitted Solitaire with the ever so famous Cotton Glacé. A wonderful idea.

  2. It's so pretty and perfect with your jeans

  3. Beautiful sweater, beautiful lady.


  4. Hey there, Kristen! It's Cassie visiting from Ravelry! :)

    As with all of your knitting, this is a truly lovely piece. How charming, it is with your jeans and, I'm sure, just as classy w/a great pair of slacks. A smart wardrobe staple and so very, very pretty!


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