announcing a winner!

July 04, 2014

Thank you for being so patient with my lazy self.  Only gone a week and you'd think I'd been gone a year.  But all my afternoon snoozing doesn't take away from how excited I am about this particular giveaway because I think it is the best group of yarn I've ever gathered to give away.  But it had to be great because this is my 5th blogversary after all!

Knitionary is circling the globe!
I've had winners from the US, France, England and Scotland, 
and this time the winner is from Canada.
Congratulations to
 ChristineQuebec (Rav ID)
I know you will love these as much as I do!
(I've contacted Christine and these will be in the mail on Monday.)

Thank you to all who entered.  
I have a few more giveaways planned and I hope you'll enter again.

 Today is Independence Day in the USA.
Parades, parties and fireworks!
We'll be at a beautiful beach house for all of the above and I plan to snap plenty of pics to share.

Next week I'll be back on my regular blogging schedule
with an armload of FOs and postcards from Holmfirth to share.

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