you had me at bacon

July 17, 2013


The BLT may be America's most well loved sandwich.  It's a diner favorite and one that we eat many times over the summer when the big slicers ripen.  For those not familiar with this sandwich, it's only 5 ingredients, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiched between two pieces of toasted white bread spread with mayonnaise.  It's amazing and everyone I know has a weakness for it.

We love to host get-togethers, the garden looked so pretty and our tomatoes are big and ripe so we decided to have 30 people over for BLTs last week on a Thursday night, who knew Thursday night could draw such a crowd?  Making sandwiches sounds easy, doesn't it?  Not.  Not at all.  It took my husband over 2 hours to fry up 9 pounds of bacon and I could have used a hazmat team to clean up the grease that was EVERYWHERE.   While he was on bacon duty I made the potato salad, put out the flowers, set the tables, set out wine, beer and sparkly water, and decided to use paper plates and plastic cups thinking how brill I was to keep it simple.  But feeding 30 people is never simple.  Fun, yes, but simple, no.  I unwisely decided not to hire kitchen helpers of which I am forever cured, my new motto, no help, no party.   I enlisted a friend to pass the appetizers while I oven toasted 4 1/2 loaves of bread.  Pretty hectic in the kitchen, so it's a good thing I have a lot of lovely friends who are willing to pitch in.  We set up the buffet so everyone could make their own sandwich and I don't feel it took very long for each guest to get their sandwich assembled. We had cookies for dessert, if anyone had offered to help when they were responding to the invitation I asked them to bring a dozen cookies.  I wish I had taken a picture of the cookie table, very pretty with a dozen different types of cookies for dessert.   This was a great party.  The BLTs were so good, so perfect for summer and a definite treat.  Next day it took us a short time to dismantle the set-up and I asked my husband if he would have this party again, without any hesitation he said, "yes".  It was a fun night.

Next day, we had just enough leftover to have BLTs again for lunch.  Best sandwich ever.

Most creative hostess gift from my friends who keep chickens!

The zinnias on my header and the first two pictures above are a combination of the bi-colored Whirligig from Burpee that I grow in a little patch in my vegetable garden that I use for cutting.  The zinnias in the perennial border are the varieties Fantasy and Art Deco from Botanical Interests, also Berry Basket and Raspberry Sorbet from Renee's Garden.  I love the pink and purple border so much I'm doing the same border next year.

Here's those links!

Daily's Bacon, the best!
Read about the Bacon Bacon Restaurant controversy in the Haight.
We are going to try it out, will give full report.
The Wine Spectator selects wines for the classic BLT.  No kidding.
Botanical Interests' Zinnias
Next year I'm going to add these beauties, petite Starlight Rose
 and this absolutely gorgeous Queen Red Lime below, both from Burpee.

Have you entered my Angora Haze giveaway?  There's still time, don't be shy!

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  1. You had me at Zinneas! They're gorgeous. Thanks for the reminder about BLTs. I haven't had one for years, but it's a great summertime sandwich.

  2. Your garden is gorgeous! I couldn't love BLTs more, and what a fun idea for a simple get-together! :)

  3. What a drool-worthy post! Do you have a link to your potato salad?

  4. Wine selection for bacon? Now I've heard everything. Looks like a yummy party.

  5. Gee Kristen, I'll never look at a BLT the same again! I usually whip them up for lunch with a piece of paper towel for a napkin and a cup of tea! Your way sounds so much better! :)

  6. Wow, those zinnias are stunning!

  7. BLTs for dinner...I love it!!!!!!! I love a good BLT, but I always forget that's an option around here! Right now, bacon is on sale at the grocery store, I have a couple of plump tomatoes in the kitchen just waiting to be eaten, and there is lettuce galore in the fridge. What the heck am I waiting for??!?!?!?!?!

    I imagine the grease from frying up 9 pounds of bacon would be a horrific mess to clean up, but SO worth it for the satisfied smiles and "Attaboys!" for the sandwiches!

    The flowers are gorgeous, and the hostess gift...VERY thoughtful and creative!!! Bacon and eggs later? Have a great weekend!

  8. It was a great party! Beautiful table settings, beautiful garden. The food was delicious. Nothing tastes as good as homegrown tomatoes. It was a brilliant idea.


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