Sunday's bouquet

July 07, 2013

I cannot stop taking garden pictures!  The garden will be at it's peak in about two weeks, but the waiting for that is pretty spectacular in itself.  Our perennial border is mostly hydrangeas, shasta daisies, roses, dahlias and daylilies holding up the rear.  The front is kept in annuals that I change out every year.  This year I did a mix of mostly pink, purple and white using zinnias and cosmos to bring in the big color.   Since my husband's retirement, he has been helping out so much in the garden, but I am still the one in charge of the flowers.  He does however, have a big say in the color scheme, and this year he said it's his favorite border, he loves pink.  The pink and purple is spectacular this year.

Our weather has finally broken and we are back in the 70s and 80s.  Big smile.  Last week we had temperatures soaring into the high 90s every day.  Blech.  Horrible, I hate hot weather.  On Friday we took the top off and caravaned with 8 friends to the coast where it was cold and foggy.  Lovely, I hadn't been cold in ages and LOVED it!  Knitters love to be cold so they can pull out their wooly sweaters. We had dinner at Sam's Chowder House, so fun there, there's an ocean view from every table and the food is great.  They also have a Chowdermobile that travels around the bay area for a convenient chowder fix, you can even rent it for a party! 

Back to last week, I fretted over the 90 plus heat, my poor garden, but the flowers and vegetables look as fresh as anything now that the heat wave is over.  I will be able to spend some more time out there, and while I don't mind the weeding too much, I'd rather be arranging flowers.  One of my favorite summer hobbies is to make beautiful bouquets from my garden. 

Zinnias in the foreground with hydrangeas in back.

Seashell Cosmos in the foreground with hydrangeas behind.

Cosmos Sensation in the foreground, Shasta Daisies in the back.

You can see glimpses of our ancient fruit picking ladders in these photos.  This neighborhood, in fact our whole town and valley was at one time wholly apricot orchards.  Development in the 40s and 50s wiped the orchards out, we have only a few left and they are very special to us.  We found two ladders in an old shed when we bought our house and have used them as a conversation piece and as a reminder of what this fertile valley once was before it became know as Silicon Valley.

A mix of dahlias, daisies, roses, zinnias, cosmos and glads in my granddad's mustard pot.
I like to make big arrangements when I have the flower power, this one is 2 1/2 feet tall!

Have a lovely week!  A knitting post is next.  xoxo, Kristen

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  1. What gorgeous photos! I love your garden and the Zinnas are beautiful - envious :)

  2. Your garden is beautiful. Such brilliant color!!

  3. You have a beautiful selection to play with! I remember the first time I spied Cosmos when we were living in Napa. Someone had a small patch of them growing in their front yard by the road. I stopped the car and got out to ask what they were. I've been in love with them ever since. I love them mixed with zinnias.

  4. Beautiful!! Love your garden, and the color scheme is spectacular! I, too, am a cold weather lover!! Must be a knitter thing!!

  5. Sunday's bouquet and the accompanying photos are spetacular.


  6. Hi Kristen,
    Your gardens are exquisite. Your colour scheme is lovely. Enjoy your summer.



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