Wasabi Peasy

April 30, 2013

Another little sweater made for Annie, and another one that we both love.   Peasy, by Heidi Kirrmaier is knit top down in one piece with a very simple lace pattern on the front yoke.  I don't remember making any mods except to the sleeves, I decreased down to make a more fitted sleeve.  The original patterns calls for Rowan Felted Tweed DK which is a lighter weight yarn and billowy sleeves per the pattern would be perfect using that lighter weight yarn.  But I used a heavier yarn and so felt that the sleeves needed to be fitted.  The pattern was very well written, typical for Heidi, and had a clever way to make the garter stitch neckband to give it a little curvy shape.  You can see the detail on the last picture.

I used Cascade Superwash 220.  The superwash yarn is an excellent choice for easy care knits and is a good value with great yardage.  It goes in the washer and I even put it in the dryer for a few minutes, then finish drying flat.  It's a bit stiff feeling when you're knitting it, but does soften quite a bit after washing.  So I wouldn't exactly say this is knitting bliss, but the stitch definition is excellent and because of it's value, large color selection and easy care, I give this yarn an A+ and wouldn't hesitate to use it again.  I've used it before on a hoodie for my son, he is pretty tough on it and it still looks great.

I'd like to give a little shout out to Jimmy Beans, who, when I found out I didn't order enough of the same dyelot, went though their database and wrote to customers and asked them if they had extra yarn they were willing to sell back to a needy customer.  Seriously excellent customer service, they have always been gracious.  When I am in Reno I always drop by, they are the tiny little store with a huge warehouse and a big heart.  And while I always support my lovely lys first, JB is the first place I go if I need to place an internet order.

This bright color is a particular favorite of Annie's and brings out the beautiful green in her eyes!

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  1. So pretty! How long before Annie will be knitting you a sweater? ;-)

    1. haha! She knits scarves for her teachers and her friends!

  2. Love this - reminds me of my daughter when I knit for her.

  3. A star is born! Love the color.

  4. Beautiful colour Kristen. I also like Cascade for the same reasons. What a sweetie your granddaughter is! Great job!

  5. What an incredible color! And there are those cool buttons I love so much again!

    That Jimmy Beans place sounds like they have a handle on what it means to conduct business and retain customers. That kind of customer service deserves to be lauded over and over again. There are so many companies out there who, first, you would never have even gotten to talk to a real person...just an automated machine. Being able to talk to a human being really helps to make customers feel as if they matter. For them to go that extra mile (heck...that extra 25 miles!!!) to actually reach out to other customers on your behalf is absolutely top drawer customer service!!!!!!

    Enjoy your day!

  6. I love that sweater!!!!!


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