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April 04, 2013

I'd like to share two cookbooks I recently purchased.  Both are must-have books for veggie lovers.  I felt I needed to step up my boring roasted veggie routine, but don't want to work too hard, you know?

First up is Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson.  Heidi lives in nearby San Francisco and loves healthy, nutrient rich food that tastes fabulous.  You can subscribe to her gorgeous recipe journal blog here.   She's beautiful and talented and I'm obsessed with her and this book.

Heidi's White Beans and Cabbage with potatoes.

Heidi's Summer Squash Soup with red Thai curry.

This morning for breakfast I made her Wild Rice Casserole.  Long time readers know that we have a big breakfast almost every morning, almost always vegetables, but I had all the ingredients for this casserole already and decided it would be great with a piece of fruit.  It was very very good.  There is enough left over for dinner tonight served with a salad and I'll probably grill a piece of fish too.   My husband loves his veggies like me, but not enough to make them a meal!  This morning he was looking for the sausage, but had to remind him that Easter weekend was over and the guests were gone!  Back to reality my dear.  Although I'll admit a rice casserole does sound odd for breakfast, oh well!

Wild Rice Casserole from Heidi's book.

And then there's Plenty by Yotam Ottolendhi.  More beautiful pictures, more luscious and healthy vegetable  recipes.  I've pre-ordered his newest cookbook that will be out this September.  I'm obsessed with this guy too.  He blogs and tweets and the lucky folks living in or visiting London can dine at his restaurants.   

Yotam's Crusted Pumpkins Wedges With Sour Cream

Yotam's Very Full Tart.

Yotam's Garlic Tart on left and Roasted Stuffed Onions on right.

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  1. Wow Kristen, these look yummy! I'm slightly obsessed with the Honestly Healthy book by Natasha Corrett here in the UK at the moment! Also full of scrumptious veggie recipes. I'll certainly check out your links :)

  2. The recycle napkins look so good! Thanks for sharing these two books!


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