cape for Josie

April 16, 2013

Buttons are vintage mother of pearl.
Dear little cape is perfect for a visit with grandma.

The knit stitches are knit through the back loop to give a twisted look.

Adorable, quick and easy to make.  Just  l o v e  knitting miniature anything, but a cape, oh my, I kept on smiling as it was progressing, such sweetness on my needles.  Pattern is Louisa by Sarah Hatton from the Rowan Studio 30 and knit in one piece, bottom up, well written and easy to follow.

The yarn is the ultra soft Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK, has a very slight sheen and is nicely machine washable for mother.  I do think about that when making a baby knit because I know new moms don't want to be bothered with hand washing and blocking a sweater, it might not get worn!  I hope my baby knits get worn and worn to shreds!

At my LYS, that first squeeze of the skein told me the yarn was soft, but with structure and body just as a fine merino should feel.  It has 6 plies moderately spun to an even round shape.  I was fairly certain this would mean the final product will be soft (it is), knitting would be bouncy and stitches even (yes and yes) and the wear will be excellent with minimal pilling.  Time will tell on the latter, but my guess is that this cape will be good for a few babies before it's retired.

I used US5 Stiletto Signatures, which I love!  They have a lovely glide to them and have one of the best points out there.  I think for this yarn any good needle will do, it didn't have any particular slipping, sticking or splitting traits that would be a problem using most needles.

The little baby that will be wearing this cape lives in San Francisco where even summer days have a bit of a chill so think this will be perfect!  Awww, can't you just see a little toddler wearing this on a visit to grandma's house!  I hope to show some modeled pictures soon.  Also, I just found out I have two new babies to knit for, exciting!

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  1. Kristen, that is absolutely adorable!! :-)

  2. Josie's cape is adorable. Maybe I'll have another baby.

  3. Oh, that's sweet! And I really love the close-up showing the crossed stitches - a very nice touch.

  4. Two NEW babies?!?!??!?!?! Congratulations!!!! Wow! That's wonderful!!!!!!!! "Two new" as in twins???

    This sweet little cape is just the bees knees!!! I cooed "Awwwwwww!" right out loud! :-)That is going to be the MOST stylish baby in all of San Francisco!!!!

  5. That is so cute !!!


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