Christmas At Our House, Part 2, Mantel and Hall

November 28, 2012

I always love decorating my house at Christmas but I'm fairly fickle about it.  
Sometimes I am pretty simple and sometimes more lavish.
This seems like it is going to be a lavish kind of year, I'm in the mood!
We are having a few gatherings here in December, so that also gives me an excuse to do it up!

I'm in love with these lights.

The living room mantel, hmmm, this is always difficult for me to decorate, no matter the season.
It's big, almost 10 feet, and I seem to run out of ideas at 6 feet.
But I love it this year, simple ivory candles, faux pine boughs and
starry diamond lights from Restoration Hardware.

In the entry I've placed resin birds and pheasants which I pretty much use year round.

Down the hall, more starry lights circle
the charming lady that resides between the window seats.

At the end of the hall that leads to our bedroom I hung a wreath and large glitter stars.
They share the space with our family pictures.

I usually put these glitters stars on the tree, but this year our tree
will be smaller and I won't be able to use all my ornaments.

Back in the living room, the creche from my childhood has a place of honor on the buffet.
I remember as a child staring at this for hours, marveling at Baby Jesus born in such a humble setting.
I'm sure my brother and I did more than just look, all the figures are chipped!
The original figures are chalkware, with a few resin pieces added later to replace the broken.
I love bringing out family heirlooms during the holidays.
Thanks mom for giving this to me.

Coming up in the next post is the holiday kitchen.

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  1. Woow amazing decoration.. I like lightening so much. It is so soft.. And all other decors are adorable..:))
    All best wishes...

  2. I don't know where to start. There is so much I like about this post! Of course, the nativity, but also the deer and the birds. It's all beautiful and inspirational!

  3. Good Afternoon Kristin, Your house looks so pretty. I love the star diamond lights, they are so sparkly. I have bookcases which I hang ornaments from, just as you have. We tend to decorate later in the month, so I am super excited to see your decorated home as it is giving me itchy feet. Have a lovely day. Best Wishes Daphne

  4. I love your decorations!!! I'm in the decorating mood too this year. After not having a tree for several years(due to you know who) I bought a bunch of cheepo ornaments and figure if it crashes down I won't cry. Baked my Christmas fruit cake today ~ looking forward to seeing your holiday kitchen :))) Roll on the holidays ~

  5. You have a beautiful home! The nativity set looks very pretty. I need to get cracking this weekend and drag the boxes out of the attic. Are those little santas by Nicole Sayre? I love them!

  6. I love that area outside your master bedroom! I love built-ins like this, and the beadboard doors are fabulous!!! I also really like the curve at the top and the adjacent bench. Very cool! You actually have windows going down your hallway??!?!?! LOVE that!!! How nice to have a 10-ft mantel!!! Ours is a measly 6 footer, and I would kill for a bigger one. Well, maybe not kill...but I would sure put a hurtin' on someone for it! :-) What you have done with the mantel is really beautiful. It has a very soft feel to it with all the candles and twinkle lights. Beautiful!

  7. I must say you out did yourself this year but I think you do most of the years. You must show your tree....I always start right after Thanksgiving Day and I am all decorated and did the patio and it looks lovely. I am happy you have the nativity scene and it is really old but still looks good. Thanks for this beautiful post.....

  8. Love this post! Love the white and gold of the mantel decor! The birds, the stars! Oh, how beautiful! The nativity set is the most fave! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Your home is decorated beautifully for the Holiday! I especially like the nativity set!! :-)


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