Bolting FO

November 14, 2012

My granddaughter asked for a gray shawl for her 12th birthday.
It must be soft and warm and machine washable,
and Superlana by Lana Grossa was a great choice, plus was in my stash. 

The pattern is Bolting by Stephen West, Ravelry link here.
I was looking for a shawl that was a little hip and not lace
and knew that Stephen West's designs would have many choices.

Annie and her mom were very happy with it!

Sweet and sophisticated Annie, 
pretty and kindhearted,
artist and singer,
straight A student
and an accomplished knitter!

 I was assured that this was a very rare siting of a pre-teen 
actually ready for school early, with minutes to spare and knitting in hand even!

Perhaps in honor of grammy and papa's visit?

 On this trip, with about 5 hours of driving each way, 
I made seismic strides on my Tea with Jam and Bread.

On the drive we listened to the very charming
a very entertaining book about a Botswana Safari Guide.

I knit my sleeves flat.

I have this to finish this, then Irish Coffee to block and photograph,
and next I will be hard onto my Christmas knitting projects.

See you soon with more knitting!

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  1. I reallllllly love your sweater - can't wait to see it on you!

    And of course, I love that your granddaughter is asking you for handknit items for her birthday. So sweet!

  2. Girl you are burning up the road with your finishes! The gray shawl looks fab on your granddaughter.

  3. Such beautiful work!! And that sweet little model is enjoying it, for sure! :-)

  4. Love Bolting, Love your sweater! I started my Christmas knitting too, but keep wanting to knit for me. Me knitting may have to wait til January!

  5. Ohh my..:)) You have a very pretty and sweet granddaughter..:))
    God bless her...:))
    And her shawl is excellent..:)) So so good...:))

  6. Get OUTTA here!!! That is just too cute!!! I love it that she is lovin' it! And I really dig that she is into knitting herself! What a great outlet and skill to learn at a young age! Good for her! She will be an absolute pro by the time she's ready for Senior prom!

  7. Oh my! That grey shawl is beautiful! I wish I could make such incredible creations, I just don't know how to knit! How lucky she already got that great skill!

  8. Beautiful shawl on Annie. She looks so pretty and grown up. Your sweater also looks like it is going to be so pretty. Your so talented not only in knitting but so many other things and I am a very proud Mom.........


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