Cime Tempestose

April 23, 2022

My new summer sweater is Cime Tempestose by Knitting For Breakfast. I love the name but had no idea it translated to Wuthering Heights until a few minutes ago when I googled it!

The sweater is knit in one piece, top down, with the yoke increases incorporated into the feather and fan pattern. There's bobbles too! I don't know why this gorgeous pattern only has 22 projects even though it's been out since January. Perhaps the designer is not all that well known, but look at the beautiful design page! They appear to be two sisters who team up to design. Their design style reminds me of a mix of Caitlin Hunter and Andrea Mowry. Check them out. I think you'll be as impressed as I was.

The yarn required is dk weight and I used a discontinued cotton, Calmer from Rowan Yarns. This pattern would also be beautiful in Summerlite DK, or in winter, long sleeves with Kidsilk Haze doubled. 

And in other news--last week we had a duck family wandering our street. Duck and quail families are infrequently found in our neighborhood and on the few times I've seen them I think they must be making their way to the creek, but this mama was walking in circles. As I got closer I heard little distressed duckling quacks and when I came to the storm drain I looked down and saw three ducklings had fallen down the grate. Their tiny quacks were pitiful and mother duck was desperate. Two neighbors joined me and we tried to lift the grate, but there was no way we could move it even an inch. I finally called the fire department and told them the problem and if they weren't too busy would they please come and save some ducklings? Five minutes later four of the nicest men arrived in their shiny truck thinking that an actual baby had fallen down the storm drain! They were relieved and amused to find they were there to save ducklings, but I assured them I was clear in my call that the tiny emergency was baby ducks, not a human, but somehow the message was mangled in transit. Anyway, they were good sports and proceeded to lift the grate and scoop up the ducklings. After they were returned to mama duck, they waddled off to where we know not, but it was the opposite direction of the creek and the grate. The firemen were so sweet and took pictures to show their families and the guys back at the firehouse. Thanks guys! ๐Ÿ’œ

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  1. Such a fun story! Thank you for sharing!

  2. The sweater is gorgeous but the duckling story shines. Thank you for taking the photos of Los Altos finest saving the ducklings.


  3. Love the sweater but the duckling story is precious! Thank you for both!

  4. Hello,
    you've got such a lovely space to live. Greetings from Germany, Olga


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