Full Heart

May 27, 2021

I have an adorable knit to show you today. Full Heart is my new favorite children's pattern and almost as fast as I had it off my needles I bought some yarn to make a red Full Heart for Christmas. This was a test, but there was almost no need for testers as the pattern was delivered to the testers in near perfect form. If you've been wanting to knit a beautiful cabled pullover for your little one for fall, look no further, this is it, plus the pattern is 25% this weekend, details below. And we all know cables are easy, right? They just look difficult. There are three different cables used, the big celtic heart in the center surrounded by the common reverse cable rib with lines of one-by-one cables framing them. The cable pattern is also on the back but the sleeves are left in plain stockinette for less bulk which is nice for little ones. It is knit in one piece from the bottom up, then separated at the arms and front and back are then worked separately. After the body is completed, sleeve stitches are picked up at the armholes and worked down in the round with no short rows as it has a modified drop shoulder and does not require them. The neck stitches are picked up last and worked in ribbing, but just be mindful and try to match the big center cable to the ribbing pattern to make it look more professional. Even children's sweaters deserve thoughtful detail! See the last picture above for a close up. I knit the 4-6 year size and added length in sleeves (I rolled them up) and body to make sure it would fit him in the fall. He is a big guy and will be 4 this summer. I used Berroco Ultra Wool, a 100% wool that is superwash that I've grown to love. It's value priced and soft enough for children. They also have a DK, chunky and fingering weight and I will be using it again.

Modeling day was also one of our orange picking days. I don't know how many hundreds of oranges we picked in April and May, but we always made sure Carter was here to help. We picked wagonloads each week and squeezed about 40 quarts of juice for the freezer.  I prepare the fruit and my husband does the juicing and Carter helps with what he can. It's a three man job so we are happy to have the help, even if one of the helpers takes far too many tasting breaks. Here's a hint for homemade frozen orange juice: defrost overnight in the refrigerator then blend with an emersion blender before serving. 

Use the code HEART for a 25% discount through May 31, midnight EDT.
I'm just so delighted with this sweater. I think you'd like to knit it too.
Happy to recommend this 100% wool, especially for children as it's superwash.

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  1. That looks like the perfect sweater for Carter! Looks like he has reached the rough-and-tumble years. Thank you for the knitting tips for children, I somehow think they know quality even at an early age. Chloe

    1. Thank you! I agree!

      That's an interesting observation about children knowing quality. They do notice so much more than we think, don't they? And as for the rough and tumble, wait until you see my next post. He's in the can't stop wiggling and making silly faces age for sure.

  2. Kristen,

    Great �� post. The sweater is beautiful
    On your precious boy...
    My mouth was watering seeing those
    Oranges being squeezed !


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