Happen test

May 15, 2021


I recently finished a test for Anke of Ankestrict. If you don't know about Anke, she is a well known German knitwear designer. I've test knitted for her several times and she is lovely.to work with. Her sweater designs are often minimalist in style with small details that elevate the sweater from plain to polished. She reminds me of a modern Kim Hargreaves. The yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Narwhal.

I'm standing under an arch of and old Climbing Blaze Rose. Over the years the metal archway has settled down about 12" and now I'm the only one at 5'1" who can walk under it without ducking. My husband keeps muttering that he should do something about it but it doesn't bother me at all! That reminds me, I'm working on a rose post. I took so many pictures that it will take a full day to winnow through them all.

The pictures below show the details of the horizontal line of a knitted Latvian Braid that Anke uses as a design component and to add structure. I've seen a horizontal line of knit before but had never tried it and just assumed it would be a hassle. Wrong. It's not difficult at all, and in fact once you (quickly) get the idea of it, it's very simple and goes very quickly. I used Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn that I had been saving for a Weekender, but when I saw the availability of this test, the pattern reminded me of the Weekender, and I think I like it more. It's very casual and very wearable with just the right amount of oversized ease. Now that spring is here and because this is thick and wooly, I've folded it up and put it away to bring out in the fall. Now I'm on to knitting summer sweaters! I've just finished two cotton pullovers and will be posting those soon. I have two more cotton sweaters in my queue then I'm on to wool again.

About those pictures--I thought I was smiling, but now that I look at them, I look like I'm pretty grim-faced but my new mantra is to not to be so picky about my pictures.

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Detail of the Latvian Braid on the cuff.

Detail of the Latvian Braid on the top of the shoulder seam and the top of the sleeve.

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  1. You, your sweater and your roses look lovely!

  2. Lovely! Thought it looked so similar to the Weekender and had decided not to knit, as I have knit 2 Weekender Lights. However, after seeing how wonderful your Happen looks, I am rethinking my decision and will check stash to knit this as a Covid Project! Love Ankestrick designs!

  3. That sweater certainly passed the test! Beautiful.


  4. This is beautiful, Kristen. You have done a wonderful job, but then you always do! (I've been thinking of you as I visit not so far away, in Discovery Bay.)


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