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August 19, 2020

Welcome to my knitting room. I'm so happy to share my favorite room in the house. I putter and dream in here, read in here, and of course knit in here. I've shown this room before, but recently I reorganized and made changes that made this room more functional as both a knitting room and an occasional guest room. This had been my son's bedroom and when he moved out I wanted my husband to use it for an office, but he rejected it, so that's how I got my knitting room!

This former bedroom has been my knitting room now for about five years and it was time for a good overhaul. The first thing I did was to take my yarn out of it's hiding place in the tiny closet and brought it front and center in full view in my glass cabinets. I purchased the lightweight, inexpensive cubes online from Target. They fit into my Ikea cabinet like a glove and hold all my stash. I keep stash records online on Ravelry so I never forget what I have, but seeing my big stash every day not only looks pretty, but keeps me accountable and is a daily visual reminder that I should knit from my awesome stash and steer clear from new purchases. Since one rule of cleaning and organizing is to declutter at the same time, I added some yarn to my "sell" page on Ravelry that you can see here.

Another organizing breakthrough was to gather up all my knitting notions and needles and put them in one place. When I gathered everything together I found that I had way too many point protectors, measuring tapes, stitch holders and cable needles and kept only my favorites. I store my needles and every knitting notion in a brand new caddy organizer from MollieOllie. It's sturdy and made of high quality thick grey felt and has oodles of lined compartments and pockets for all those knitting gadgets. This has been the very best way I have been able to keep all my knitting notions (plus tissues, lotion, remotes, etc.) at my side in plain view and with easy access. I love it so much I bought 4 more to give as Christmas presents for the 4 girls in my family. It will be good for baby items, but I also love it for all the flotsam that lands on the coffee table, home office or playroom. Wouldn't it be great for long car trips? I think I need a second one for that. It was a game changer in my knitting room and I love it. 

I store my circular needles in a basket file I purchased decades ago. It's a gorgeous Nantucket made basket with a wood bottom and leather handles. For the longest time I didn't know how to best use it before I realized it would hold a standard file folder (when on it's side) so I purchased a dozen clear plastic zip-closured files, labeled them 0-12 and can now easily store and find my circs. I've used this method for several years and it's perfect.

I store my works-in-progress in baskets on the shelves. Most of my WIPs are knitting, but I also have a table cloth I'm slowly embroidering and several needlepoint Christmas ornaments that get a little attention every once in a blue moon.  I'm fickle with my projects and hop from one to the other so it's nice to have them in full view and at my fingertips. 

As I'm ending this tour of my knitting room, I will admit that there is still more yarn to show, as in, what's in the drawers? Well, the drawers are chock full of all the oddballs we knitters collect. I'm not one to purchase single skeins, my yarn purchases always seem to have sweater quantities, but leftovers from projects?--I have many. I always try to keep the original label intact and store them by weight. One drawer is entirely full of my precious Kidsilk Haze leftovers. The drawer next to it has my fingering weights. The tall Ikea cabinet has two shallow drawers under the glass cabinets. One drawer has my DK weight leftovers and another has the worsted weight leftovers. I used to keep all my yarn in the tiny closet but now having it in the open is much easier for me. Since this room is also a guest room (the sofa turns into a bed) it was nice to free up some shelves in the closet so our guests have a place to store their suitcase and clothes. 

I hope you enjoyed my knitting room tour and were able to pick up some good tips. Next up I'll show my sewing/craft room. I've shown that before too but I've rearranged things in there as well. I'll take some new pictures and make another post soon. My husband thinks I may be the only person in the world with both a knitting room and a sewing room, but I'm not so sure about that--he is prone to exaggerate. I will just say that empty nesters have to do something with their children's former rooms and a knitting room is a brilliant idea!


I LOVE it!


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  1. Hi Kristen,
    I love your knitting room. I will be moving into my own place sometime this Fall. This gives me inspiration.
    I will be opening my LYS this Fall also since the pandemic started. I love the Fall. Sweater weather!
    All the best,

    1. Thank you Leslie. I wish you ease in your move and great success when your store reopens. I'm glad you've been able to keep at it! Our lys is open by appointment only and they do online so they have been doing OK I think. What a world.

  2. WOW! What a great room for your knitting. Everything is so neat and a place for every object. Thank You for sharing.

  3. Hi Kristen, thanks for a great post. Now that I am the only person living in my house, everything has become very chaotic. As I view my craft room that is now a nightmare of piled high heaps -- I see the great design features you employed and hope to do something similar. Ikea, here I come!

    1. Hi Venice. I know how you feel. My sewing room ends up being the catch-all for all the extra stuff. Every few months I have to clear it out and clean it up. Purge is my motto and I've been pretty ruthless these last few years. I love Ikea, as long as I'm gentle with it!

  4. Love your room Kristen! And ordered that felt catch-all. At least my disarray will be elegantly housed. I have a knitting room too but it needs quite a bit of winnowing to resemble something like serenity. Maybe three finished sweaters' worth should clear a drawer. The pandemic should help that along:). Chloe

    1. Thank you Chloe. I now look at all that yarn in full view and see sweaters!! I think everyone will agree that staying at home has at least given us a sense of how we really live in our home and what we actually need, what we love and what we can do without.

  5. I love this one, Kristen. I've seen your knitting room before. I have a small bedroom I'd like to make my own.

    1. Thank you Janet. I think I remember you saying that last time! Maybe now is the time to give that room a dual purpose!


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