Mini skein flax

January 12, 2020

Today has been quite a day. Carter is two and one-half years old today. He got his first proper haircut in a real barber chair today. Today he wanted to wear big-boy pants all day and made no mistakes! Big cheers all around for this most darling boy who is growing up so fast!

I made his new sweater with a mini-skein set from Stunning String Studio. The yarn is amazing! It's so soft that Carter was able to wear it right next to his skin. It is a light fingering weight of superwash merino wool and I would use it again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended!

You may recognize the pattern as I've made it so many times now and I think it might be the most popular sweater pattern on Ravelry: Flax Light. It's a free pattern and there is a Flax regular too, also free that uses worsted weight yarn. I've said this before but I'll say it again, I love the flax pattern but the neck is simply too wide and loose for a little one. On an adult woman the wide neck is pretty, but for a baby, child and even for a man, I don’t think a wide neck is desirable. Here’s what I did to remedy that:

Cast on for 2-3 sizes smaller and knit the ribbing with a needle 2-3 sizes smaller than the main body. After the neck ribbing was complete, I increased per pattern instructions until I achieved the chest size I wanted, then I split the arms and body. Then I just knit away until I had the desired length. It’s simple. I use this great pattern often as a basic recipe to get me started, then I customize the rest of the way.

I don't hang up my sweaters of course but rather fold them. I used the Marie Kondo method and store them in shoeboxes. Once folded they are so easy to find in a drawer, don't get rumpled and don't get lost at the bottom. And if you start with the sweater lying front side down, you'll end up with only two faint fold lines on the sides that are easy to smooth out. I fold and store all our adult sweaters this way too. 
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