Meet Me At Midnight

January 21, 2020

Hello! For the last week I've had only ONE project to work on. While I was waiting for a pattern to be ready to test knit I finished my Kidsilk Haze shawl. I love knitting the mosaic stitch and love using Kidsilk Haze so it was purely delightful knitting in every way. I knit the yarn double. If you ever get the chance to knit KSH double, it is heaven. When doubled it knits up similar to dk weight or light worsted weight depending on your needle size and what kind of fabric you want. My gauge must have been off because I had to knit another band of stockinette to make sure it was big enough. I do like my shawls big and cozy. The pattern is well written and fun. If you are looking for a gorgeous colorwork/mosaic shawl, I think you'd love knitting Midnight. Mosaic is the easiest colorwork of all. Do't be intimidated! You can do it. Mosaic uses only one color per row and everyone who tries it has great success.

Rowan's Kidsilk Haze is super popular and can be found at your local Rowan stockist or online at a zillion places. I made this with Kidsilk Haze Eclipse. For Eclipse, Rowan added a thin metallic thread to add sparkle. Eclipse is discontinued now but every once in a while I find it online. It's hard to show the sparkle in these pictures, but it's pretty gorgeous in person. 


Now that this is done and since I'm still waiting for the test pattern, I have cast on for two projects--one easy garter stitch travel project and a lace sweater that needs concentration so that one will be staying at home. It's nice feeling caught up with my knitting and having only two or three projects on my needles feels totally manageable. I'm really going to try and keep it that way. :)

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  1. Kristen, you do some incredible projects but this one is just beautiful. I love that you share your projects with us as it keeps me inspired.


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