September 05, 2019

I've been dying to share this with you but have been waiting for the pattern to be released. This was one of those sweaters that was sincerely fun to knit. Everything was just right. The pattern was a test knit for Libby Jonson of Truly Myrtle and there were no glitches. The designer was helpful and kind, the testing team folks were jolly and supportive, the pattern was a breeze to follow, and the yarn was heaven. I love the fit too! So of course I want to knit another one. Right away.

I know I sound like a broken record when I talk about mosaic stitch, but I love it so much I want you to try it. I think you'll love it too! It is a type of colorwork, but unlike traditional stranded colorwork, you use only one color per row and slip stitches to create the pattern. That makes it EASY (and pretty). The pattern is knit top down in the round, uses short rows to raise the back neck, and has a row of tiny bobbles in the middle of the colorwork section. 

Wavecrest pattern by Libby Jonson of Truly Mrytle
Purchase Wavecrest here

Wavecrest is part a collection of patterns from a collaboration by Libby Jonson and Marie Greene. You can see the entire collection called Pacifico Knits here.

As this was a test I kept good notes. I put them on my Ravelry page but will add them here too:

Blocked measurements: 

Neck circumference: 18” 

Bust: 35.5” 
Sleeve length from underarm: 17” 
Body length from underarm: 16”
My gauge was off (somewhere between 24 and 25 per 4” instead of 26) which accounts for my making the smallest size AND adding less stitches at the sleeve separation then arriving at a 35.5” bust which has a good amount of positive ease--just the right amount for me for this sweater.
I made the neck opening wider by casting on for next size up then compensating for that after the ribbing on the first increase round: increased only 68 to arrive at 180 sts. I also blocked it wide.
I was “creative” with the last increase round 4 (increasing less) and because of this my stitch count was off and I could not follow the pattern directions for splitting the body and sleeves sooo…I found my center front and counted from there and found where my sleeves, back and front should be.
I casted on less stitches at the sleeve and body when separating the body and sleeves. My sleeve stitch count was 70. After two inches I started my decreases until 15” and 48 stitches. Then 2” of 1x1 ribbing on smaller needles. I omitted the colorwork pattern at the sleeve.
I made no waist or body shaping and added length to body.
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