how to fold and store sweaters

September 01, 2019

Sweaters. You can knit them, now learn how to fold them and store them. You'll save space and they'll stay nice and neat! Taking good care of our precious hand knits not only honors our hard work and their beauty, but also honors the entire hand knitting industry from the sheep on up. From the very beginning--purchasing the yarn, deciding on a pattern, the knitting of course, the wearing and the caring of the garment--all of it connects us to a lively little industry that gives so much pleasure. 

I am a huge fan of Marie Kondo and have used her folding and storage method for every single thing in my home. The kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and every item in every closet, cupboard and drawer is neatly folded and easy to find. Before you can even begin, you must first clear out unused and unloved items; that's huge, but in her book she gives you pointers and courage on how to be practical and even ruthless if necessary. I took my time, two years actually, but now that I've decluttered and my organizing system is set up, it's been very easy to keep on top of it. This system does not allow you to overbuy or hold onto things you don't use: when I add a new pair of jeans to my jeans drawer, I first have to let go of an old pair of jeans. Plus, there is no more searching around because when folded and stored properly, you can view everything in your drawer at one glance.

For Kondo's storage method you'll need plenty of boxes. I have used mostly shoe boxes, but Target, Dollar Tree, and the .99 Store have inexpensive storage boxes. The boxes below are from Dollar Tree and they slip nicely into a drawer or shelf.  I highly recommend Kondo's book and her method of organizing and storing everything. I can't argue about the title, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It really is just that, life changing. The book is now in every public library and book store and of course, Amazon. I re-read it when I'm about to tackle a big project.

For us knitters, storing sweaters has always been a challenge. I have so many sweaters that I forget what I have or can't find what I'm looking for. Kondo's method allows you to find them easily, plus eliminates the deep creases down the center front and back; only faint fold lines on the sides remain which are easily smoothed out. Below I demonstrate her method with a child's sweater, but the method is the same for an adult sweater, thin or bulky, it works for all. If it has a hoodie attached, fold the hoodie down first, then proceed as below. Begin by placing the sweater front side down.

Start with front side down. Imagine a line down the center. Fold the sweater into thirds, sides meeting at that imaginary center line.

Fold into thirds again.

Coming soon--my method of organizing my sweater collection.
Now that we know how to fold them, we've got to organize them too!

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  1. I can't wait to read your how to organize your sweaters segment.

  2. Thank you, Kristen!! Your photos have brought me one step further toward trying the Kondo method. The sleeve folding in particular, which is clearer than her diagrams, which left me thinking, sure, that works for thin shirts but how about a big fat sweater?? Well, you showed us with a sweater! Looking forward to the organizing segment, too! Chloe

    1. Some of the bulky sweaters fold into big puff balls, but they still fold up neatly! I swear! Try her method! I seriously have done my whole house and last weekend I worked a few hours at my daughter's house. When I left she whipped her whole house in shape in a few days! But she is just like me and loves to organize and keep things neat.

  3. Yes, I read "Tidying Up" last year. The sweater storage and folding article is a great intro to Marie Kondo. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Janet. I am such a fan of Kondo. She even has a TV show, I think it's on Netflix. She helps people clean out their entire homes and loves doing it! She is a doll.

  4. I live in Australia, so summer is starting and I am washing and putting away my sweaters. I normally lie them flat, but I will try your way and see if they fit better in my camphorwood chest, I will let you know. I'm glad I "stumbled" across you web site. From Victoria Halliday 10 October 2019

    1. Thank you Victoria. I hope this method worked for you. You are so lucky to have a camphorwood chest. I have one too that was once my mother's hope chest. I store my out of season sweaters in it.


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