A Free Pattern That Almost Passed Me By

September 17, 2019

With all my years of knitting behind me I had never tried a pattern generator. This may be new to you too, so let me introduce you to the free Top Down Raglan Generator by Knitting Fool. With this site you can create a pattern using any yarn from fingering to super bulky and any size from premie to XXXL. First make a test swatch, then simply type in your needle size, gauge, chest measurement, and whether you want snug, comfortable, or loose fit. Next, click on the submit button and your pattern appears. Really, it's that simple. Both of these sweaters were made using this method. 

Note from Knitting Fool: And before you go any further, obssessed in the quest of a free pattern, be aware that this pattern is a percentage approximation. If you are accustomed to having a pattern that spells everything out to the letter or if you are a beginner, this pattern may not meet all your needs. The pattern you will get from this process will be a guideline to making a sweater, but you need to know something about what you are doing. Or be a bit adventurous.

With that said, I don't think you'll have any problem following the directions. Top down raglans are a cinch to make and if you measure as you go, you won't have a problem making it fit. As for yarn for these two sweaters, you know I have a drawer full of DK weight yarns leftover from other projects. I'm happy to say that all these years of making scrappy, stripey baby sweaters is slowly whittling away at my collection. These are two of Carter's starting-preschool sweaters. I'll get modeled shots when I can get a two year old to agree to a modeling session; in other words, I can't hold my breath.

The colorfully striped one I call Chroma.
The one in the autumn colors I call Making Friends.

Two lovely DK weight yarns that are perfect for babies and young children:

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