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October 15, 2018

We just got back from a wonderful, beautiful, and relaxing trip to Maine and Eastern Canada. My husband planned the trip on his own and I really didn't know exactly where we were going until a few days before the trip. I knew we were sailing out of NYC and would arrive in Quebec City ten days later but that's about all I knew; I didn't even have the dates right! But the trip came at a time when I was so longing to get away and relax--I knew I would love anything he had planned.

Every single place we visited had at least several locally produced yarns for hand knitting. It would be a shame for the hand knitter not to visit at least a few shops and go a little wild. I do have a tiny tip for yarn shopping while on vacation. Your husband may be like mine--he prefers I don't make a big deal out of visiting shops, but if we walk by a yarn shop, he doesn't mind if I pop in. He just doesn't realize that I sometimes plan our walks knowing we'll be walking by a yarn shop. I act so surprised and if he has caught on, he hasn't yet let me know. But an excursion planned simply to visit a yarn shop is not appreciated. And bless him, he's very patient while I browse and actually encourages me to buy!

I was so excited to cruise by the Statue of Liberty and was something I had wanted to do for a long time.

A highlight was to visit Maud Lewis' tiny painted home that now resides in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax. I had wanted to visit this museum ever since I saw Maudie starring Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke. It was quiet while we were visiting and while there we met a man who was about my age who been in the house many times as a teenager. He told us lovely stories and it made the visit so much more meaningful. I would not miss this nor would I miss the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic also in Halifax. My husband didn't want to leave. Both museums are a short walk from the dock.

Yarn shopping, well, there was some. The pictures above and below show the softest mohair I have ever felt. It's from Le Chevrier du Nord out of Quebec. I also met the talented designer Annie Pilote.

A few years ago I was in Quebec City and bought some Charlevoix yarn to make Antler. As much as I love it, I have not finished it. Still, it did not stop me from purchasing more when I found myself in Quebec City again on this trip. Clarlevoix Pure Laine uses fleeces that would otherwise be put in landfill. They make beautiful clothing, hats and mittens, and a small selection of yarn for hand-knitters.

I bought this Maine produced yarn from a little shop in Bar Harbour. It's meant to be a Gansey style vest for Carter.

is a yarn I have heard about but had never seen so I was so happy to find it in several shops. Illimani is based out of Montreal and their fibers are sourced from Peru and Bolivia. This Amelie is to die for; so soft, luxurious, and simply gorgeous. I bought a ton of it: a sweater's worth, also enough to make fingerless mitts for my girls this Christmas, and maybe enough for a mosaic shawl. We'll see.

I had never heard of Mineville Wool Project, but it's a spinoff from Fleece Artist in Nova Scotia. My husband encouraged me to buy this crazy colored yarn for a sweater for Carter--totally out of my color comfort zone. The tipping point for me was that it is machine washable. I hope I can get to it before Christmas because I'm anxious to see what it will look like knitted up.

We both missed this darling little boy while we were gone. We were all smiles when we first saw each other after two long weeks apart. He loves to hold my yarn on car rides. 

The first cooking assignment was banana bread.

Thank you for stopping by. 
I'll get cracking on the new yarn purchases soon and let you know what I will be making! 

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  1. What a lovely husband. What a lovely trip. Carter, the Gerber baby, always lifts my spirits. I want that yarn. Chloe

  2. I love Maine and New England, actually lived in Maine for a short time. The shops - especially the yarn shops - are irresistible. Now I know I must make it to Canada my next trip to the northeast.

    I would be interested to learn of your actual cruise as well!


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