Honey Bee Jacket

October 11, 2018

This is another sweater for my 15 month old grandson who has outgrown the 12 month size sweaters for good. I knit this a little big, the 24 month size, but I'm hoping he will wear it this fall as the color and style is so perfect for October and November. The pattern is the Honey Bee Jacket from OGE Designs and I knit it in Rowan Softyak DK. When I first saw the pattern I knew I would use this pretty honey color called Savannah that I had in my stash. I loved making this little project and it was done in no time. The pattern is well written and the honey bee or honey comb stitch pattern that is on the front only, is fun and easy to make. I included a close-up of the pattern stitch and when I study it, sometimes I see honey bees and sometimes I see the honeycomb. Either way, it's pretty and I love the side placket and buttons. I plan this to always be worn closed of course so I made only the top two buttons functional. The pattern is knit in one piece from the top down and has zero seams to sew. When I get pictures of my little honey bee wearing his new sweaters, I'll make sure to post them.

Carter is often with me in the garden. He loves to be outside and has his own little trowel and a tiny wheelbarrow just for him. He digs and collects and is so busy! We have several neighbors who keep honeybees and with all our flowers and big veggie garden, we host a lot of bees. I've taught him to be respectful of them and not fear them. We watch them go about their business and quietly talk about them and how busy they are. I love how his bright little mind devours information. When I tell him things, he looks back at forth at me and the little critter or thing we're talking about and I know he understands exactly what I'm saying. He spots things and hears things before I do and since he is very chatty, he will let me know if he sees a honeybee, or the moon, or an airplane, or anything he thinks I need to know about. Sometimes he takes my hand and ushers me to his new find. What a darling. I can't tell you enough how fun this time of life is.

I've knit a few of her patterns before and I swoon over her designs!
Take a look at all her patterns here. You'll fall in love.
Rowan Softyak DK (is divine: uber soft and machine washable!)
My honey gold color is called Savannah

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  1. Gorgeous pattern and execution as always, Kristin. Love the honeybee stitch.

  2. This is way too perfect to be hand knit!!!


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