March 10, 2018

While the rest of the world seems to be experiencing severe weather, we are here in California picking oranges under a blue sky. Yesterday we picked 100 oranges from the top third of the tree and squeezed 13 quarts of orange juice. This year was a bumper crop with some of the biggest, sweetest and juiciest oranges we've ever grown. The rest of the oranges will stay well on the tree for maybe a month, but we'll be picking several every day to have fresh oj in the morning and fresh oj with our movie popcorn in the evening. Orange juice + popcorn + a movie is a match made in heaven. (I am often asked what juicer I use. I have experimented with many and the Juiceman is the best by far. We own two, a larger juicer/juice extractor that we bring out for big jobs like juicing 100 oranges, and a smaller juicer we keep out on the counter to use for smaller, daily tasks. They are both easy to use and easy to clean and very well priced. The larger one is also a juice extractor for juicing apples, carrots, leafy greens, etc.)

So here we are, March in California: the trees are blooming, the roses are leafing, the grass is greening. I don't know how the year has flown by, but we are just a few weeks away from Easter! And daylight savings starts tomorrow! Can you believe it? I cannot! 

I named this one Madison Bumgarner. 

Headed for the freezer.

On the knitting side of life, I bought some new Shibui yarn--a lovely 100% brushed cotton in a sport weight. I'll be making Mirage and joining the Shibui KAL that starts next week. I'll knit the little skirt with some Kidsilk Haze I had in my stash. The pattern is by Shellie Anderson who creates such gorgeous and simple designs that are flattering, elegant, and easy to wear. 

I also finished a few projects and added them to Ravelry. One was a fantastic test knit from Ankestrick. I'll get better pictures when the pattern is released later this month. I also finished the Sasha wrap with details here on my Ravelry page. One of my girlfriends wants to learn to knit and I'm thinking this would be a great pattern to start her off with as it's just one big rectangle. Sway is also done but needs to be photographed. Oh! I #knockedoutacarbeth! Perhaps I can sweet-talk my photographer into taking some pictures today or tomorrow. 

This week I plan to set aside my winter knit projects and will revisit them in August. For now I'll be concentrating (for the most part) on summer knits, of which I have FIVE!  

1. Finish last year's Lila Top Down in baby blue--only the sleeves to finish!
2. Cast on Hourglass in brightest blue.
3. Complete Lace Front Sweater in palest pink Mako Cotton.
4. Complete Sutton--only the sleeves to go!
5. Join the Mirage KAL. 

That't the plan, unless I get distracted by something else, and that is totally possible.

I'd love to hear what you're up to!
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  1. I just love reading your blogs and posts! They're always so beautifully done and interesting. I don't know where you find the time to do all that you do!

    1. Thank you! My husband and I are retired and empty nesters, so lots of time on our hands!

  2. So you are a Giants fan? I knew it! I'm a Brewers fan but we can still be friends!

    1. I love the Brewers! Wienie races, lol! I had to call that orange, Madison! It was giant and it was orange!

  3. Your photography is so artistic.



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