March 17, 2018

Kim Hargreaves patterns are very often masterpieces in simplicity. That simplicity is what makes them so appealing to me. But even in saying that, when you knit a sweater that is this simple, fabric and fit takes on an elevated value. I chose this pattern after knitting a small swatch. Rowan Camello, a blend of merino, camel, and nylon is very elastic and makes a very stretchy fabric. Because of that I thought it would be great for a fitted sweater, something with shaping with little or no ease. I headed for my Kim books and landed on Sway from North. The prominent design feature for Sway is the wide feminine neckline and very low back neckline, but I altered it and now it's not quite so low. (I started my back neck shaping about 2.5 inches later than the pattern recommended.) I think a super low back would be cute on someone young. 

Camello is a fingering weight yarn yet uses size US6 (4mm) needles--large needles for a fingering weight. But even with the larger needles, I did get a fingering weight gauge of 28 sts. per 4 inches. Camello reminded me a bit of Calmer, also elastic-like, if you remember that yarn from a decade ago. And like Calmer, the yarn is stretchy and snaps into place and is very fun to knit. The fabric is very soft, very lightweight, and lightly textured. The yarn has a chain construction and knit beautifully with my slower, blunt wood needles.  I loved knitting it and love wearing it and believe me it took every bit of self control I could muster  to not purchase more when this was finished. I have to say again how soft this yarn is. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it's one of the softest sweaters in my closet. For the sleeves I used the top-down set-in sleeve technique that uses short rows. It's always my preferred sleeve technique.

You can read about my few modifications on my Ravelry project page.
The pattern is from Kim Hargreaves' North book.
Rowan Camello was a limited edition yarn but is still available.
I found mine at Love Knitting.

On the homefront things are going well. My husband sees his a physical therapist on Monday and hopefully will get clearance to start putting some weight on his foot. For close to two months we have been homebodies and it will be nice to start getting back to doing a bit more. We watch the baby two days a week and Carter thinks his papa's knee scooter is the most fun toy ever. At least someone likes it! I'm ready to kick it over a cliff. It's been raining quite a bit, that's good! We all had colds, that was bad. And oh yes, my husband is growing a beard. We can't decide whether he looks like an old hobo or a university professor. I'm begging him to give it a few more weeks and then we'll decide. All this sitting around watching beards grow has given me even more time to knit. Two of my summer sweaters are done and I've got four more on the needles so I've got plenty to keep my fingers busy. We have friends coming for breakfast tomorrow and then another group coming for lunch. All are friends who live out of town and want to see the kids and the baby, and maybe a little bit of us too, and all just happen to be in town the same weekend. I've got all the ingredients to make a Country Brunch casserole for the breakfast crowd and a new recipe for an enchilada casserole for the lunch people. I'll add a fruit platter for the breakfast and a green salad for the lunch and fresh orange juice for everyone! The best thing is both recipes can be made tonight ready to bake in the morning! I'm nothing if not organized.  Hope your weekend is going well! xo Kristen

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  1. Sway looks great on you!It's so important to use the right yarn for the right project because it makes it that much nicer. Thanks for sharing! If you have time, please share today's recipes! Enjoy your company!

  2. Wonderful pictures of your sweater, Kristen, and judging from your very helpful back neckline tip, I assume that North is bottom up? Sorry, I have to have everything spelled out where knitting is concerned:-). Made your Country Brunch a few months ago and it was a big hit. Not so sure if I would ever be up to the double whammy of making both casseroles on the same "night before" but am intrigued by the enchilada casserole as a new one to try. Chloe


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