baby cardigan from Little French Knits

August 22, 2017

I'll let you in on a little secret: I think my husband has a crush on his doctor, and I kinda do too! We both adore her and whenever we go for an office appointment, she'll give us both a hug, then I settle down to some knitting while he has his appointment. When we heard she was expecting her first baby, and that it would be a girl, he didn't have to ask me twice to knit her a baby sweater.  In fact, I was already on top of it! I had wanted to knit something from Little French Knits and decided on this little cardigan in pink with a pearl button. The top-down yoke grows with eyelet increases on either side of faux cables created with slipped stitches. I chose this pattern for it's simple and timeless elegance, so perfect for baby garments. It's a great pattern and was super fun to make.

Florence Merlin of Little French Knits has kindly offered my readers 50% of her entire pattern collection, including this little cardigan, using the code KNITIONARY.  This offer is good through the end of August. Upon checkout, use the code KNITIONARY and a 50% discount will be automatically applied.

See the entire Little French Knits collection here.

For this sweater...

I used this pattern: Cardigan for Baby by Florence Merlin of Little French Knits

and I used this yarn: Breathless by Shalimar Yarns.

Breathless by Shalimar is an elegant yarn and easy to knit.  It showed a bit of fuzz as I was knitting but I should not have been surprised because it is not tightly spun.  A tighter spun would have eliminated the fuzz but changed the yarn.  I really did like it the way it was and think anyone would think this yarn was superb.  Besides being mostly merino, it does have silk and cashmere and so feels divine. It does say machine wash so it is fine for a baby garment, but do feel it would benefit from being carefully hand washed as it does seem a bit delicate.  Still, this is a gift and I am comfortable knowing that most likely it will be in the washing machine. I don't know if I would use this again for baby, but would love it for me as a pullover or shawl.  The color, Velvet Slippers, is the palest antique pink. It's gorgeous.

I love that the faux cables look so much like tiny cables.  They do not, however, use a cable needle, and instead use very easy slipped stitches that are then passed over.

Florence has kindly offered my readers 50% off her entire pattern collection on Ravelry--all sweaters, vests, rompers, booties, and hats are 50% off. This offer is good through the end of August. Upon checkout, use the code KNITIONARY and the discount will be applied.

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  1. I love your pretty blog. Thank you, the discount offer is wonderful!

  2. Precious, adorable, perfect for baby!

  3. What beautiful items you make, Kristin. The slipped stitch cables sound very interesting. Chloe

  4. So, so, so, so CUTE!!!!!!! How nice of you to do this for the doctor's baby!!!!!!!! That's a beautiful keepsake!

  5. I have made this little sweater twice and love them. So adorable, the neck on the second sweater did turn out a bit large but then babies don't really have necks so hope it works ok. I will definitely make this sweater again.

  6. I have been following your blog for quite some time, your knitting is lovely! I wanted to thank you and Florence for the discount on the patterns. I have purchased two and can't wait to knit them. Thanks very much!


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