Jamie for Summer

August 02, 2017

One of the best kept secrets in the knitting community is that Rowan makes the best cotton yarns available for the hand knitter. Rowan has been famous for wools and tweeds for decades but it seems to surprise people when I tell them their cottons are superb. Softyak DK is one of Rowan's newish cotton blends.  It has a chain construction and is 76% cotton with 9% nylon. The remaining 15% is yak fiber, a fiber from Tibet that has the same softness as cashmere and the same breathability as wool with the added benefit of being anti-bacterial.  The 3 fibers combine to make a transitional all-seasons yarn with a soft handle and even tension that creates a machine-washable, hard-wearing fabric. It's also perfect for baby's and children's clothing. Knitting with it is like catnip for knitters and I know you'll love the experience if you give it a try. It's also a great value. And for those of you who remember Rowan Calmer, it reminds me of that divine knitting experience!

The pattern is Jamie by Sarah Hatton from her Rowan Loves Kidsilk Haze and Felted Tweed DK. I'm madly in love with that book and consider it a must-have for every knitter to keep in her library.  I made Jamie a few years ago in Kidsilk Haze knit double.  It's been my most frequently worn garment for the last two winters, and since I loved it so much, and since I had this lovely summer cotton in my stash, putting the two together was a perfect pairing.  The pattern has a slashed boatneck type neckline and a split hem that is longer in the back.  For the sleeves, I picked up stitches around the arm scythe, used short rows to shape the bell, then knit them down in the round to a summery 3/4 length.

Sarah Hatton's Rowan Loves book and Softyak DK can be found at your local Rowan stockist or at numerous online shops.  You can also purchase Jamie as an individual pdf download.

On this picture day we were on our way to the beach for lunch at our favorite chowder house followed by a walk on the pier.  My shoes were recommended to me by a walking friend who swears by them. They are called On Cloud and I'm nuts for them too. They slip on and off without tying, can get wet and will dry quickly, and can go in the washing machine when they get dirty. Plus, they are so extremely comfy and light, it feels like you're wearing no shoes at all! The pants are from J. Crew.  I bought them at the beginning of summer in khaki and in white and love them for knocking around.

As for what's on the needles now, well, I have one last summer sweater, more like a fallish sweater, knit also in Sofyak DK. I'll be finished with that soon, then I'll pack away my unfinished summer sweater projects; there will be two, then start on those beloved wooly winter sweaters that are so satisfying to make.  I've also got some exciting NEW yarns and pattern books to share soon.  

My Ravelry project page for Jamie.
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I finished this over a month ago but didn't like the pictures (the front of the sweater seems to be wrinkled but it wasn't!) and I thought I'd take another set of pictures but did not, soooo, please imagine these pictures minus the sweater wrinkles!

I was shocked to see this picture and how long my hair had grown.  Too long!  I immediately scheduled a haircut.  Chop! 
I love this picture below.  The family was over for dinner and they had the harvesting duties while I got to carry the baby around the garden and sing to him.  Bliss.


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  1. Absolutely love that last picture!

    1. I didn't even know anyone was taking pictures. I love that it captures a little moment that was so pleasant for me.

  2. You are just amazing. I knit every day and never come close to pumping out the beautiful garments you make. You are truly and inspiration to me. Thank you

    1. I am a fast knitter, and a bit obsessed I'll admit. :)

  3. What a genius idea to knit that pattern in Softyak dk! It suits the pattern beautifully and is so much more wearable for our climate!

    1. Thank you. Have you tried Softyak DK yet Leah? You'll love it!


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