Sunday Morning

April 02, 2017

First things first:  The Queen has arrived--the first blossom of our climbing First Prize has bloomed and she is magnificent. Next day she was followed by the first blossom of the tree peonies which I promptly picked to put in our guest bathroom.  Then this morning, boom, overnight there were almost a dozen more! The apple and pear blossoms are holding strong with no rain or wind to knock their delicate blossoms off. The magnolia and camellias are at the last of their bloom, and the wisteria is just starting up.  We expect to have a great show on Easter.  It's magic when Easter week and the wisteria decide to show up at the same time.  The hardy spring flowers, the begonias and nasturtiums are looking great and the tomatoes are growing fast with our warm, spring days.  The hills are green, the sky is blue.  I simply love this time of year.

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  1. One almost opened First Prize on the arbor--a dozen more buds showing color---and some really nice wisteria even tho J pruned it way too severely. Indian Hawthorne making a great show. LOVE early Spring in Los Altos

  2. Beautiful, i wish i could wander around your garden. My roses have loads of new growth and buds but a little early for tgem in the UK. I love the cages for the tomatoes.

  3. Sitting in your garden and knitting, or in my case needlepointing, all day long. It's positively enchanting. "The Enchanted Garden".

  4. Thanks ever so much for bringing beautiful color to this gray, rainy day in southeastern Wisconsin!!!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!


  6. Kristen, your flowers are just enchanting this year! What a paradise your garden will be for Easter!

  7. I LOVE peonies. I have some in my garden and they used to produce buds and flowers but for the past few years, I get plants and even buds but then the buds turn black and the leaves shrivel. I keep hoping for them to revive but I know I must dig them up, throw them out and start anew (but in a different place). Enjoy yours.


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