request for test knitters

April 08, 2017

Hello friends.  I am looking for several test knitters to knit my Gingersnap cardigan in sizes 2, 3 and 4 years.  If you are interested, here's what I need you to do: 

1) Get gauge of 20 sts. per 4 inches.
2) Before you start, tell me what yarn brand you will use and it's fiber content.  The project calls for worsted weight yarn. I also need to know how many yards/meters are in the skein.  (I don't need to know this right away, but let me know before you start your project.)
3) Weigh your individual skeins before starting the project and after completion so I can get an accurate idea of yardage.
4) As you are knitting, carefully read pattern for errors, clarity, and continuity and give me feedback.
5) Give accurate sweater measurements upon completion.
6) Be willing to engage with the other testers from time to time and willing to get emails from me--but hopefully not too many!
7) Give me your Rav name and your email address.
8) Do all the above and complete the sweater including feedback in 4 weeks, however, we won't begin until after Easter!

If you are interested and can say yes to all the above, please let me know in the comments section below.   I don't need to know right now what yarn you will be using, just leave me your Rav name and email address and tell me what size you would like to test. The pattern is fairly raw to look at as it hasn't been gussied up with a spiffy format yet, but you will be able to knit a sweater from it. Thank you so much for your consideration.  I'm beyond excited about this!

(You will not have to send me the sweater after completion.  Sending me accurate measurements upon completion is fine.)

Gingersnap is already available in 6 mos., 12 mos., and doll sized.
Below are the original pattern links and are free pattern downloads.

Gingersnap in size 12 mos. (and 6 mos.)
Wee Gingersnap for an 18" doll.  Fits a bunny too!

I have found that the two sweaters, the baby and the dolly sweater, 
together with the bunny, make the most perfect baby gift.  
You'll hear lots of gratifying ouuus and ahhhs when it's opened!
This little set is for my own grandson who will be born early summer.

I knit my Gingersnaps in machine washable Rowan Pure Wool Worsted
however, any soft, machine washable yarn that gets gauge will work.

To make a comment and/or to sign up for testing, click here.

Thank you, Kristen


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  1. Hi there, I'd like to sign up to test knit your Gingersnap cardigan, size 4 years would be ideal for my twin grandsons!
    My Ravelry name is knitatrick and my email is

  2. Hello! I would love to test your Gingersnap cardigan, size 3! My friends baby is about 18 months and I'd like to make the cardigan larger since he will be 2 by the time he wears it in the fall! �� My rav name is mindylan9407 and my email is Thank you!

  3. I'd enjoy test knitting the Gingersnap cardigan - haven't decided which size yet. My Rav name is hsteward37 and my email is Heidi

  4. Hi! My name is Carole and I would like to test knit the size 2 sweater. I would want to use Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn acrylic worsted for the project. My Ravelry name is recycledangel and my email address is

  5. Hi my name is Suncica and I would like to test sweater - size is up to you - what you need.
    My Ravelry name ist Sunce5555. Email

  6. My Rav name is cyndeebee, and my e-mail is I think I would want to do this sweater in a "vintage" yarn I've had in my stash - Paton's Angelica...85% acrylic and 15 % mohair. I would want to make it in 12 Months size, if possible. (Great Niece on the way...)

  7. My Rav name is: runflyski. My email = jpiana7 @
    I've had both of these patterns listed as favorites for quite some time.
    I will test knit the doll cardigan.
    P.S. My mom used to sing that song (five foot two...) all the time when I was young. When I grew guessed it...I'm 5'2" (and shrinking, too).

  8. Hi! I am AlwaysWoolly on ravelry, email I would love to make this little sweater in any size, am away at the moment, but have oodles of stash to pick from when home (before Easter)! Look forward to hearing from you and others, cheers, Nikki

  9. Hi Kristen,
    I'd love to be involved!
    I'm shellyotoole on Rav,
    I'd most likely use patons Jet (easy to get in my small country town in Australia).
    I have an even time roster so I'll have plenty of time to make a jumper, whatever size you need.
    Hopefully I'll hear from you soon!

  10. Hey, it came up this time! Yay! Rav name is juanitanoble, email address is I'd like to test either the 3 or the 4 (which ever you need). I'll try to get gauge with a couple different yarns I have in my stash, and let you know which one makes the cut. Thanks for the link. My phone can be a real hindrance some days.

  11. I would like to make Size 2. My Ravelry name is moongirlinwa and my email address is

  12. Would love to test knit. Ravelry name is tshemaria
    Email is
    Would like to knit a size 2
    I have already knitted a baby Gingersnap and Doll Gingersnap... Love the pattern

  13. I'd love to make this in a size 4!
    email is
    Rav name is mykidzmom5
    I have loved this pattern since I first saw it but it was too small! Glad to see it in the bigger sizes.

  14. I would love to test knit this. I could do a 2, or if you need a certain size that would be cool too. I have knitted it as the small one.
    Rav: weavefairy

  15. Hi Kristen,
    I'm a big fan, have followed your blog for years, as well as on FB. "Yes" to all your questions. Would love to test knit for you, any size would be fine with me (wish there was an option for size 6 which is my grandson's size!). Ravelry name is lynneth2007. Not comfortable leaving email address but can be messaged via Ravelry. Lynne

  16. Hello. My Ravelry name is: SnowAngel22. My email address is: I would love the opportunity to knit your Gingersnap Cardigan in a size 3. Thank you oh so much!! Carol

  17. Hi, I'd be happy to make the size 3! My RavName khallaAlmani, and so is my email: Can I put pictures on Ravelry as I make it (if I remember to)? Do you care what size needles or just the gague? This looks like a lot of fun!

  18. I have loved this sweater since you first designed it. So cute! Wish I had time ; )

  19. Love to have a go for you. Age 3 would be good for my granddaughter. Rav name is Castiger1 and email is

  20. I would be interested in doing a test knit of the Gingerbread pattern! My Ravelry name is caryleej. I would use Kenzie HiKoo by Skacel for my yarn choice. I would be open to pattern size.

  21. I would like to test Your Gingersnap cardigan.
    Age 2 would be good for my granddaughter :)
    My RavName Domi2013, and my email is

  22. I would love to knit your ginger snap cardigan. Age 3 would be ideal for a friends baby. I actually work in a woolshop - Ippikins so find knitting testers fun and will get it done in no time. My revelry is mollyhomer, and email is

  23. I love Gingersnap and would like to knit it in age 2.
    Ravelry name apwormald

    I would knit it in Rowan Pure wool worsted.

  24. Hi Kristen, I have adored Gingersnap for a long time. I have the perfect child for it...have wanted to knit for her and this would be the perfect chance. I would like to knit size 3. Not sure yet about the on an island, so I need to check my stash and, perhaps, get to shore. I am snaysner on Ravelry.

  25. I had Gingersnap in my to do list for a while, however, the size was too small; now I would love the opportunity to knit this cardigan in size 3 or Rav Name AstyKnits and email
    Thank you, Micky

  26. HI there - I would love to do the Gingersnap in size 2. My Rav name is @Brelorknits and email I have lots of free time so would complete it before the 4weeks allotted. Thanks for your consideration. Bretta

  27. Hi Kristin, I'd be very happy to test knit your pattern -- any of the sizes, so if there is a dearth of knitters for one size, I'll take that one. I'd like to use stash yarns and have a great deal of worsted weight 100% superwash wool in FibraNatura's Sensational, although it has been discontinued for some time. I also have ample Cascade 220 Superwash, Ella Rae Lace Merino Worsted (superwash) and Malabrigo Rios (superwash). Now I'm getting embarrassed. I'm Venice1093 on Ravelry.

  28. I am happy to test either a size 3 or 4! I am partial to Purl Soho yarns but if you accept my offer I may look around at what I have on hand. My Rav name is Nordicheart. Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. I'd love to test this for you! I have a range of worsted yarns to hand...Including some nice Hobby Lobby I love this yarn. I'd prefer the 12mo size but any is fine. My Ravelry name is hetty85

  30. Hi
    Sorry if this is a repeat
    Love the pattern, would love to test knit size 2 or 4 year old
    Ravelry name: m4gammjo


  31. Hi Kristen!
    Love to take part and I would like to knit it for my nearly 3 year old grandson Luca.
    I'm from the UK but born in Germany.
    Ravelry name: malred25

    Thank you

    Marlis Warner

  32. Already commented above but left out email.
    Rav: snaysner
    Question: Are you, Kristen, going to send out yarn requirements for these larger sizes??

  33. Would love to test knit this and am flexible on the size just let me know which you need. RozStitches at

  34. I have made the Gingersnap many times but not in a bigger size so would gladly help be a tester for any size you need. Rav:
    email is

  35. I am interested in being a test knitter for your Gingersnap pattern. The size 2 would work. My Ravelry name is HollieWoodKnitter and my email is Thanks!

  36. I would like to test knit this in size 2. Rav name is casemgr and email is Not sure yet what yarn. Donna


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