January 27, 2017

My week sailed by and I wasn't able to capture a minute to write up the few posts that are languishing half done, however, I didn't want to let any more time go by before I posted my TNNA pictures--The National Needlearts Association trade show.  This year it was held in San Jose, California, very close to where I live, and Rowan Yarns kindly invited me to visit and have a look around.  Here are the highlights:

The prettiest booth was Rowan's, made dramatic with dozens of sweater samples from the new Rowan 61 Magazine, Rowan Loves Home, and Little Rowan Explorers--all displayed beautifully as only Rowan can do.  Rowan Magazine 61 and the other books are just new and should be at your yarn store very soon.  

I have an early copy of Mag 61 and already cast on Celestial, pictured here in white.

I can't even begin to tell you how gorgeous Bommie was in person.

Some examples from Martin Storey's Little Rowan Explorer. 

 Lisa Richardson in front of some the the gorgeous designs from her new Rowan Loves.  The Kaffe coat design on the right is sold as a kit.  I think they are hard to find, but worth the hunt.

Say hi to David MacLeod, brand manager for Rowan Yarns!

More than a few of us were swooning over the artsy dress knitted in leaves of Fria Handpaints.

Above, Blue Sky Fibers had gigantic, yard-long plumes of yarn tassels displaying their silky, touchable yarns.

Below, Mrs. Crosby displayed her yarns spilling out of hatboxes, steamer trunks and traveling cases--adorable.

You've probably been to yarn fairs and Stitches and you wonder where the crowds are?  This was taken right before it opened, however, trade shows, mercifully, are never as crowded as the shows open for public--it's all business.  

 There was masses of needlepoint too.  I was charmed by an entire wall of Kate Dickerson's Herend-style animals.

I love Shelridge Yarns above, and did manage to get into a little trouble in their booth!

Below is Appalachian Baby and their beautifully soft USA organic cotton and darling baby patterns.

I loved meeting West Yorkshire Spinners for the first time, and I imagine I'll be trying out their British grown yarn soon.  Read their great story here.

Below, and also from Yorkshire, Baa Ram Ewe brought their simply stunning Titus.  Must try.

Charming Jonathan Berner of MJ Yarns dyes the most scrumptiously soft yarns.

I often rave about the Gleener, the greatest sweater de-piller invented, and now they have a new travel size.  I'll have a giveaway soon, so stay tuned!

Della Q, above, will keep you super organized, see below!

It was a fun day!

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  1. Trouble in the sheldridge yarns booth? Do tell! :)

  2. Wow! What a fabulous post! LOVED all the photos of the Rowan sweaters, and the hand-dyed yarns!

  3. Great photos. I've always wondered what happened at TNNA.

  4. oh wow, thank you so much for sharing all these great photos, so many gorgeous booths!!


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