Little Explorers

January 29, 2017

I have an early release copy of Martin Storey's new book, Little Rowan Explorers, a collection of 11 knitted unisex designs for children age 3-8 years.  I saw the darling garments displayed at the TNNA show last week and I couldn't wait to get my hands on my own copy.  You know I love knitting for babies and children and with me loving stripes the way I do--and after hunting through my stash, decided that Deacon below, would be my first.  I chose orange and black, white and gray, the San Francisco Giants colors, and will have it finished in time for baseball season. Go Giants!

The garments are knit in either Softyak DK, Summerlite DK, Summerlite 4-ply, or Handknit Cotton, all yarns I've used before and can recommend for their easy, machine-washable care and next-to-skin softness, plus they are all easy on the hands.  So many knitters have told me that cotton hurts or tires out their hands when knitting, and I've experienced that too.  But not with these, I don't know why, or what is different about these cottons, but they are very easy to knit and won't result in achy fingers.

The book is being sent to retailers now and you should be seeing it in your local yarn store soon.  All the yarns are readily available at your Rowan stockist now.

The garments have an outdoorsy, active, explorers theme.  
After all, exploring is what kids do every day, right?

 Kaptain, the striped cardigan below, has a skull and crossbones option, above.

 Outlaw has a plain version above, and striped, below.

 Love the tiger pullover below, knit in Softyak DK.

Below is a corner of the Rowan booth at TNNA.

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  1. What fun these sweaters would be to knit!


  2. All the sweaters in this collection are absolutely adorable! I am eyeing the one with the stars and the one with the skull...Can't wait to see how your striped sweater turns out!

  3. Ah,what perfect timing. My seven year old daughter has been requesting more knitwear as fleece is " too hot". She will love that tiger sweater and I am itching to make her the stars cardigan and the stripey sweater.


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