vintage octoberfest

October 17, 2016

I want to share some photos from a party we attended last Saturday--our dear friend Karen's annual Octoberfest.  This has always been an outdoor party and in the 25 years she has been hosting this much-loved party, rain has never fallen on Octoberfestday.  Until Saturday.  Rain was forecast for the entire weekend and boy, did it came down.  Not that a soul in California would ever complain about rain, mind you.  Karen's house was beautiful and inviting with fires lit in every fireplace, but in October, rain or no, we are not quite ready to give up our outdoor living.  So instead we clustered under the eaves and marveled at actual water falling from the skies. 

One thing is certain, Karen loves to have her friends over and goes out of her way to make it special.  Everything was perfect for the evening with twinkling lights and candlelight, warty pumpkins, good friends, welcome rain, and delicious homemade food.  Life is good.

Octoberfest Menu

Wine and Beer
Assorted Cheeses and Nuts

Assorted Grilled Sausages with a variety of Mustards
Green Salad
Hot German Potato Salad

Apple Strudel

At the party I was chatting with a group of girlfriends who were all wearing sweaters.  With big winks, they all made a big point of asking each other if they had knit their sweaters--but no one asked me.  Very funny, girls!

And since I'm on the subject of sweaters--I finished my sweater using Ysolda's Blend One, Batch One.  Heaven!  I hope to share it soon, plus a few more I've finished.

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  1. That is hilarious! How lovely to have good friends, good food and good times!

  2. Your photos are outstanding. Karen created a beautiful Octoberfest party.


  3. Looks fall!


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