bits of fall

October 13, 2016

This month we are having two groups of out of town guests to stay and next month we'll be hosting a small party.  Since I get the heebie jeebies over most Halloween decorations, this time of year I avoid all that and try to make my home look more cozy instead of scary.  I brought out the vintage wooden Coca Cola crate/wagon and kitted it up with some pumpkins and pine cones.  I then pulled out anything that looked even slightly fallish--my peculiar bright orange tray, some stone pheasants, and my much loved (beat up) verdigris leaf platter.  I'm so happy with my pretty pumpkins.  It's terrific that non-traditional pumpkins are so easy to find these days. It wasn't that long ago that anything like a Cinderella pumpkin in a pale shade of burnished copper could only be found for big bucks at farm stands or specialty markets. I bought those beautiful pumpkins at my local supermarket!

The bright orange tray above is from ibride.
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  1. Your house looks beautiful!


  2. Did you say something about the last, red platter? It is most unusual. Your fall decorations are leading up to winter, with the pinecones and evergreen. Love it.

    1. I felt the same way, that my fall decorations look like winter, but it's just what happened this year! That bright orange tray is from ibride. I found a link that sells them here: I'll amend my post to include it.

  3. Hi Kristen,
    You give me inspiration! I love how you decorate your beautiful home. I have a hard time doing my window displays at my shop.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. When I used to work at a home decor store, sometimes, not often, I was made to decorate the windows. I'd turn to magazines and ads for inspiration I'm glad I can give some inspiration to you! Thank you Leslie.


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