Little Rowan Blossom

September 14, 2016

When knitting books arrive in my mailbox I drop e v e r y t h i n g and flip though quickly, then sit down and read them like a novel.  Then it goes by my bedside for bedtime reading and happy dreaming.  I can't be the only one obsessed with knitting books, right?  I have a few new publications to share in the next weeks, and the first up is Little Rowan Blossom by Linda Whaley, an imaginative and feminine collection of knitted garments and accessories for girls aged 3 to 7 years.  From the book: "Timeless, treasured designs knitted in yarns excelling in comfort, wrapping your loved ones in garments hand made with love."  And from me:  This is simply the prettiest children's knitting book I've seen. I know it will become a classic.

As for gifting to expecting parents, I almost always knit a one year size, but I remember when my aunt gave me some toddler sized clothing at a baby shower.  They looked giant to me, but she said, "Two years may seem like it's a long time from now, but it goes by quickly and you'll be happy to have these clothes tucked away."  And she was right on both counts, those two years did go by quickly and I was very happy to have them when I needed them.  So, at the next baby shower, and if I know it's a girl, I'm going to knit one of these in the three year size.  Now, enjoy these pretty little sweaters on these pretty little girls. Shopping links are at the end.

Camelia in Summerlite 4-ply

Jasmine in Wool Cotton
Wool Cotton 4ply

Cluster Shoulder Bag in Handknit Cotton

Daisy in Summerlite 4ply

Flora in Wool Cotton

Flower Carry Bag in Handknit Cotton

Gardenia in Summerlite DK

3 pretty blanket patterns are included

Hyacinth in Summerlite 4ply

Magnolia in Wool Cotton

Peony in Wool Cotton

Violet in Summerlite 4ply
If the book is not at your local Rowan stockist yet, I found it online:

The suggested yarns are Rowan yarns I have used many times and can highly recommend.
They are all machine washable, soft to wear and easy to knit. 

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  1. They are lovely designs but I have a feeling these are all yarns that Rowan is discontinuing which is frustrating.

    1. Hi Nicola. I understand your concern as Rowan has limited the yarns they will carry forward and has kept only their most popular "core" yarns. All the yarns above are considered core yarns and will remain. The Wool Cotton is the only exception and has been cut. It is a DK weight and can easily be subbed for another machine washable DK weight yarn. Hope this helps.

    2. Thank you, I will miss wool cotton as I used it a lot,especially for my girls cardigans but I think Rowan's new slimmed down range looks good.

  2. Love these designs, especially the purse!

  3. The sweaters are almost as beautiful as the children. What a visual treat.

  4. I'm not sure what is cuter.....the sweaters or the kids. I may have to get this book into my shop ; )

    1. Oh my gosh, it's darling! I've got so many I want to knit. I started Violet first just because I had the yarn and thought it was so cute. Don't need it for anyone of course! Hope the shop is going well! This should start to be your busy season, right?



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