Ava Tunic

September 24, 2016

You might think that because of this post and my last post, all I've been knitting is baby clothes.  But not true, it's just that I've only been finishing and photographing  baby clothes.  I'm planning a post that shows all my half-done grown-up knitting I'm feverishly working on--maybe that will be next week--and I've got some mighty gorgeous yarns on the needles.

Above is the Ava Tunic by Linda Whaley from Little Rowan Cherish, a book that I am infatuated with and a book that I'll probably end up making at least half the designs; I've already made three.  The pattern recommended Summerlite DK which I love, but I had some Rowan Wool/Cotton in my stash.  If you love this stuff, buy it and stash it as it's been discontinued.  It's so soft and cuddly to knit and wear.  It is practical too as it goes in the washing machine in cool water on a gentle cycle.  Even though the ball band does not recommend it be tumble dried, I have had luck putting WC in the dryer for a short time, maybe 10 minutes or so, then lay flat to finish the drying. 

As for the design, gah, it's absolutely adorable!  It just grabbed my heart when I saw it.  This is the 18 mos. size and I can just see a tiny girl toddling around in this wearing capris and bare feet perhaps?  Or leggings and baby-sized Uggs?  I changed the neckline a wee bit (3 rows of garter then cast off) and instead of the embroidered flowers I made these flowers.  Also, I used the "top-down set-in sleeves" technique which I use WHENEVER possible.  It's such an easy technique and it always turns out perfectly.

Ava Tunic, my Ravelry project page
All the Cherish patterns on Ravelry
Little Rowan Cherish, the book at Jimmy Beans
Rowan Wool Cotton at Jimmy Beans
The wooden hangers are from the Container Store and
there are two sets, an animal set and a zoo set.

The posies below are from my Pink Simplicity rose hedge in our frontyard.  The entire hedge is dusty, cobwebby, mildewed, and generally ratty in all ways. It's like it's begging for cold weather, a good clip and a long nap.   But every few days I can still manage to pick a tiny loving cup of buds.

This afternoon we have been invited to a picnic.  One of my husband's friends who is single and has a very large and beautiful garden has invited 50 guests to listen to some live music in his backyard.  His email said, I'll hire the band and set up some tables, you bring the rest.  Men! 

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Have a good weekend friends.


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  1. So sweet tunic !!! Your single friend is very funny ;)!!!

    1. He did such a nice job. He rented round tables and chairs and had tablecloths, napkins and flowers at each table! You got to give a guy credit for having a party on his own. It's not easy to do even with help!

  2. Hi Kristen,
    I love this little tunic. I must purchase this Rowan book. I carry the Summerlite 4 ply in my shop. I may knit it in a lovely soft yellow.
    Short bread is my favourite!

    1. I love the Cherish book for babies and also her newest book for toddlers and older girls, Blossom. Both books have quite a few patterns that use the Summerlite 4-ply.

  3. This is so sweet! And is that butter shortbread you made there? Yum!

  4. That is the sweetest tunic I have ever seen.


  5. It is just darling! I love that wool too and have some. It's a shame it's being discontinued. Is the pattern written for top down?


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