Coffee Shop Wrap

September 02, 2016

If you follow Knitionary on Facebook, you know I share a knitting pattern a day.  I try to find free patterns, but whether paid or free, they're always patterns that I love, and would love to find the time to knit.  The Coffee Shop Wrap got a ton of likes, so I know you liked it too.  I knew I would knit it because it looked exactly like something my daughter would wear.  It's knit in Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted in similar colors to the pattern.  It's a super fun and fast knit, the pattern is free, and you can probably find something in your stash to suit.  What's not to love?  Above, modeled by my adorable neighbor, and below, modeled by me.  Now it's folded up and wrapped in tissue awaiting Christmas.  Yay for starting early!

My colors are Gold, Granite, Moonstone, Cream, and Toffee.  My Ravelry project page is here.

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  1. Thanks Kristen. I've been on a roll with wraps and shawls and cardigans for the Fall. Love this pattern you shared with us and the colours are beautiful.
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Thank you Leslie. Its nice to start the fall knitting. Its my favorite time off year to knit!

  2. Beautiful scarf !!! Your model is amazing!!!


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