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April 26, 2016

Apparently what doesn't have my attention is my blog!  I apologize for not coming back last week and announcing a winner for the skein of Rowan Softyak DK.  No excuse except to say that my blog is a hobby, a very beloved hobby, but like all hobbies, I only work on it when I have the interest.  Usually my bloggy interest is high, but these last few weeks--not so much.  It's happened many times over the years, and now when it happens, I just go with it and don't try to push it.  But I felt a little burst of blog energy coursing through me so I jumped on it!

Here's what you came for:  the winner of the skein of Rowan Softyak DK in the color Steppe is knittingdancer from Alabama!  I've contacted you on Ravelry, and as soon as I get your address, I'll zip it off in the mail to you.  Congratulations, I'm certain you'll love the yarn, and thank you to the rest who entered my giveaway.

Just because I've been dragging my heels with my blog doesn't mean I've been lazy about the other things I love, mainly gardening, knitting and the San Francisco Giants.  As for the former, our garden is looking terrific but is the most demanding mistress; and for knitting, well, you can see below what has my attention; and as for the Giants, we've been to one game so far and for the most part watch the rest of the games on TV--while knitting, naturally.

I'm fickle as anything about my knitting, bringing projects in and out of rotation as my whimsy dictates.  These 4 projects are receiving the most attention at the moment!

A brand new Crackerjack in The SF Giants colors:  four rows of linen stitch for each game played.  So fun.

One of my favorite sweaters from last year was Marie Wallin's Poetry knit in Kid Classic.  This time I'm making a Summer Poetry in the beautiful Rowan Handknit Cotton.

Rayeurs is a knit-in-the-round stripy cowl using fingering weight baby wools; Dale Garn Baby Ull and Rowan Pure Wool 4-ply.  This basket is kept by my desk and is grabbed when I have a phone call.  I never have to count or think about what row I'm on. 

I've had this gorgeous Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK in a beautiful medium silver for a decade at least.  A few weeks ago while at the Make Wear Love retreat I purchased Carrie Bostick Hoge's book, Madder 2.  I could knit everything in that book, but the first thing I'm making is the Lori Shawl.  It's my meeting and movie knit, a garter stitch no-brainer.  There's no need to look at it or think about it, just let the fingers fly!  I recently took this to a ball game and it was perfect.  I could jump up to cheer, sit back down and know right were I was: garter all the way!


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  1. I love all of your projects. You are amazingly creative.



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