the wisteria post: it's a jungle out there

April 07, 2016

Did I tell you our wisteria was having a banner year?  We never know why or when it will have a display like this--perhaps we accidentally pruned it correctly last winter or perhaps all our rain?  We just don't know.  These pictures were taken over a period of a few weeks on some sunny days and some cloudy days.  When it's breezy, the blossoms do a lazy dance and sway from side to side.  We've been sitting outside whenever we can just so we can stare at it.  It's hard to know who loves it most, the birds, the honeybees, or us.

I'm heading off this morning to Pacific Grove for the Make Wear Love knitting retreat put on by Amy Herzog.  I'm so very excited!  I'll take plenty of pictures!

My son got a drone for Christmas and he took this on Easter Sunday!

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xo, Kristen


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  1. Wisteria is funny stuff. Yours is stunning this year.

  2. OH My Goodness! That is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my life!
    What I would give to own it :-)

  3. Your garden is spectacular! Have fun at the retreat!

  4. So striking! Your species of wisteria must be different than ours, as our blooms don't hang down so far.

    The first time I saw wisteria was on a trip we took when we still had feet of snow on the ground in northern Minnesota. It was close to Easter, and we drove through coastal North Carolina. I was enchanted! My dear husband bought me some wisteria of my own once we moved to NC. It's blooming here too, and I'm enjoying it, both the sight and the aroma!

  5. Spectacular blooms on your wisteria! It's amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Truly breathtaking. My grandparents had a wisteria "tree" in the in the back yard of their Detroit home. The blooms were always a topic of discussion in spring.

  7. I think I saw some pixies peeking through... Beautiful garden.

  8. Aah, Wisteria and Sunshine! You have an "Enchanted April" right in your own backyard! Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. I love wisteria! Hours is gorgeous. I enjoy you blog and read it faithfully. I recently made two Little Coffee Bean cardigans because of the beautiful multi-colored stripes sweater you featured recently. I now make roasted tomato sauce each summer, again because of you and your directions. Thank you!

  10. Beautiful We had wisteria at our last place but made the mistake of wrapping it around the pergola post as it grew After a couple of years it was pulling the pergola off the house! We learnt from that one! Your pictures have made me look for a spot to grow one in the current garden.

  11. Dreamy. The Wisteria is lovely but so is your entire yard.


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