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April 02, 2016

After noticing some pom poms on giant purses and bags on the runways this season, I decided to embellish my new knitting bag with some pom-poms.  I love the way it turned out.

And because I loved them so much and because baseball season is finally upon us again, I decided to make pom poms in my team's colors (orange and black for the awesome San Francisco Giants) to dress up my backpack.  This is the backpack I take to the ball park.  It's perfect for an extra sweater, a lap blanket (it's cold in SF, especially in the summer!) and my knitting.  Yep, I knit at the ballpark.  And since we take the train into the city and it's an hour each way, I get even more knitting in.  

Knitting:  Don't leave home without it.

I loved them so much I made more to hand out to my Giants loving friends and family. 
If you are planning on making more than a few pom poms,
it's not a bad idea to invest in a handy pom pom maker.
I love the one Clover makes.

My husband and I have been working so much in the garden.  We spent the last few weeks of winter devoted to spring cleaning chores getting the garden ready for the egg hunt and the patio sparkly clean in the hopes that we'd be able to spend lazy hours outdoors over the Easter break.  Mother nature did not disappoint and our Easter weather was spectacular giving us hours of outdoor romping.  Now with everyone gone it's all about getting the beds ready for the summer planting and of course the weeding never stops.  After the family left on Thursday, I did spend the entire day inside cleaning up The Ghost of Easter Past--not that my guys are messy, but it's the making up of the beds and the sweeping up of the cookie crumbs and the putting away of the Easter decorations--all that really does take a day.  But yesterday and today were garden days and we have made quite a bit of progress.  Tomorrow is another garden day too which is good because there's still the moss and ivy to tackle.  I've been taking pictures all throughout the process and planning some beautiful future garden posts.  Wait until I show you the wisteria! 

 My guy put up the green bean teepees today.  
They seem to say, "Be patient, summer is right around the corner!"

While deadheading my peonies, I did find one last bloom hiding way inside.  Snip.  Now it's in the house.  Yep, the peonies are done.  Remember I live in California and we get a head start on everything.
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  1. Love them, but they would look even better in Red and White, you know for the awesome St. Louis Cardinals! :)
    And I so agree, do not leave home without knitting, ever.

    Here's to a great baseball season!

  2. Your poor Giants will have to wear their long Johns on Monday when they play our Milwaukee Brewers. ...it is going to be a high temperature of 37 degree!!

  3. Your poor Giants will have to wear their long Johns on Monday when they play our Milwaukee Brewers. ...it is going to be a high temperature of 37 degree!!

    1. //shiver// That's too cold for the boys! BTW, I love it when we play the Brewers because I love the sausage race! They always show it on TV here and it cracks me up! I wish they would travel to SF with the team when the Brewers play here! We would give them a warm welcome!

  4. Still waiting for daffodils and tulips here, but tiny scilla are dotting the yard. I thought about you the other day, I bought some gorgeous fingering weight silk and have been trying to think of the perfect pattern for it, and you came to mind as someone who would have good ideas! :) If anything comes to mind I'd love to hear!

  5. I love wisteria. Not seen here yet. We are enjoying forsythia, though, which is blazing. Chloe


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