cute group baby quilt

November 04, 2015

This post has been a long time in the making.  I've been a part of so many group baby quilts over the years that I knew one day I'd have to share my foolproof "recipe" to make a crib-sized quilt.  In the United States, presenting special-occasion group-made quilts is as old as the colonial days.  My posse of girlfriends and I have been making baby quilts for 15 years; the first one being presented to my grand-daughter Annie when she was a newborn--the first grandchild of our bunch.  We've since made a dozen plus, and we've got it down to a science.  We are "all-in" for every one, because we know it will be our turn soon!  We give ourselves about 4 or more months from start to finish, and throw a group shower at the end when we present our quilt that was made with so much love.  Every baby quilt has been made for our children's children and since we all met when we were young mothers, we have quite a history.  I've know every child since they were little, attended every wedding, and now get to be part of celebrating the growing of their families.  Our children call the quilts, the book club quilts or the grandmother quilts.  Making, giving, and receiving them is a very sweet tradition, and one that we, the grandmothers, mothers and grandchildren, treasure. One day I'll make a post and share all the gorgeous quilts we've made over the years. It's easier than you think, and very little previous sewing experience is required, just an old-fashioned can-do spirit! 

You'll find the full directions in this post. Click here!



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  1. This is really neat. I am not, nor will probably ever be, a quilter. Sewing has never been fun for me, despite the fact that I have in the past made dozens of garments (go figure. either I am a glutton for punishment or else I just love clothes.) But I love the IDEA of a quilt and have always been in love with the Roly Poly Circus quilt designed way back in the 20s or 30s. It would fit so well into the design of your lamb one, and has a lot of the same charm. I wonder if you have ever come across it. (I'm not a grandma yet, but if that lucky event ever occurs I might be able to squeeze out a one block pillow of a baby elephant, say, and your clear instructions will come in really handy.) Thanks for the tutorial, Kristen!

    1. The Roly Poly Circus is very famous from the 20s and is still made today! I collect the old patterns and do have the pattern even though I've never made it. The pattern can still be found here:, but if you want to see the quilt made up, you can see it here: It's a classic and would be so fun to make! You should make it!

  2. So nice to hear that it is still being made! I am afraid though that a pillow may be all that I can manage. But, a pillow has two sides and a child can still enjoy that! Thanks for the encouragement, Chloe


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