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November 08, 2015

We try to get to the coast at least once a month and Half Moon Bay is a favorite coastal destination.  On Friday, my husband suggested we take his beloved 62 Corvette out for a drive to the beach.  My husband takes his little hobby car out almost every day for a little spin, but I admit that I'm not often with him.  Even for a short ride, I have to pull my hair into a severe pony tail, put on a tightly fitted baseball cap and commit to the fact that my hair will look awful for the rest of the day.  But the day was simply gorgeous--cool and crisp with bright blue skies, and lunch was involved, how could I turn it down?  While we're driving along, people stop and stare, smile and wave, give thumbs-up and take pictures--seems like everyone likes a vintage red sports car.  It feels happy to be in it.

We have several restaurants we like for lunch, and we wing it and go wherever there is a table on the patio or if indoors, at a window.  If we're at the beach, we want to look at the water while we're eating!  We ended up at Mavericks Beach, where they have the Big Wave Surf Competition in early winter.  Years ago, before the spot got so famous, we use to walk our dog out to the spot where we could watch the big waves crash in.  Only a few brave souls would paddle out the quarter-mile to surf where those big giants break.  Now Mavericks is known as one of the top big-wave spots in the world.

Half Moon Bay is famous for their pumpkin festivities in October, but in November things wind down.  We stopped on the way home and bought some gorgeous and enormous pumpkins for $1 each.  I would have bought more, but my husband put his foot down and stopped me at five.  He also drove me to the yarn shop in town, Fengari.  My husband stayed in the car when I went in, but this guy in the photo above just made me laugh.  I can't count how many times my husband has snoozed outside a yarn shop!  By they way, those gray-blue pumpkins are the Jarrahdale variety.  Aren't they beautiful?

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  1. Looks like a fabulous day out!

  2. Thank you all! It was a super nice day. Sometimes I'll take pictures on our outings but they usually don't make it to the blog. But the guy snoozing in front of the yarn shop, that really got me, and I knew I had to somehow create a blog post!

  3. What a cool car and beautiful weather! I love your new pumpkins.

  4. As I sit on my couch wearing three layers and still needing a quilt, I am envious of your post. What a lovely spot. That yarn shop looks gorgeous too


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