Christmas Countdown

November 16, 2015

I'm shaking a bit as I write this, knowing that all these projects below--and a few more I haven't pictured--have a deadline.  And that edict is coming from me, a knitter who absolutely hates putting time frames on knitting projects.  But a Christmas gift is a timely thing, and I have ruined one past Christmas Eve by staying up late trying to finish a knitted gift, only to crash at 2AM with it unfinished. To make sure that won't happen this year, all other knitting has been banished, and only these projects will get any attention in November and December!  I have a few car trips (where I'll be the passenger!) and a long train trip planned before Christmas and these are my travel knits for sure.

I finished the Amy Herzog Options KAL and hopefully will have a modeled picture to share soon.  I love it, and loved knitting with the yarn--so much so that I purchased more to make the Floyd Vest from Martin Storey for my son.

The Owl Ways Scarf and Chouette Hat from Ekaterina Blanchard of KatyTricot is for my 15-year-old granddaughter who thought these were just so funny and cute.  I'm using some stash-with-no-name that feels like a homespun wool.  Check out Ekaterina's Rav store.  She has some very clever designs.  Annie also asked for some fingerless gloves and headbands and think those will go pretty fast.

Two Harbors Poncho by Sarah Smuland is for my daughter.  This is my first time using this Columbia from Imperial Yarn.  It has a very hearty hand.  I'm liking it--it's nicely spongy!

IF, and only IF it looks like I'm not going to have a problem finishing the above gifts, then I'll see if I can finish this for me.  I try to wear a touch of red every day during the holidays so would love to have this done.  This is Bevin, from Kim Hargreaves Hush.  It's an over-sized boyfriend cardigan using that lovely Rowan Brushed Fleece.  Last year I ordered 10 skeins knowing that I would have to make another coat with this lovely stuff.  The pattern I chose needs only 9 and that one extra skein became the anchor and the inspiration for the hot red/claret/pink color combo for the Tower Of Yarn giveaway.  If you haven't entered, there is still time--I'm keeping it open for a few more days.  Go here to enter.  Good luck!

I'm finished with my Options KAL Pullover, love it, and also finished Dulwich in Rowan Alpaca Merino DK plus just finished a hot pink poncho for Annie.  I hope to have modeled pictures very soon.  If you're also waist deep in Christmas projects, take a deep breath, stay calm and knit on!  xo Kristen

I often write my posts ahead of time, sometimes weeks in advance.  This post was written last week and scheduled to publish Monday AM.  But after the events last Friday, I had to come back and say hello.  I'm just so heartbroken that Paris has been targeted again.  I've been watching my share of CNN, and I'm sure just like you, can make no sense of this tragedy.  This has gone on for too long--killing and raping, how can this sick behavior be tolerated any longer?

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  1. I'm certain with your speed you'll have these whipped out in no time!

  2. I like your yarn choice for the Two Harbors Poncho. I have that pattern, but haven't decided what to make it with as yet. Up to my ears in quilt projects, but that poncho really caught my eye. Have fun with your gift making!

  3. Yes, Kristen, we are all heartbroken. In fact, my EFM group used the hurting heart as an image for theological reflection last night. No one could stay away from the events in Paris. But, we kept looking for God and finding God in the actions and presence of others.


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