August 26, 2015

Today's sweater is Splash, designed by Kim Hargreaves from her summer book, Echos.  Splash is a simple, boxy, stockinette pullover with rolled stockinette hem and cuff.  It is knit flat and has raglan sleeves.  The original neck was also left unfinished but it would not stay on my shoulders.  I picked up stitches all around, and with a circular needle, knit a few rows of K2P2 rib.  Also, I cast on 5 fewer stitches per side to make it two inches smaller.  I also added some length.   I wear it with jeans or a skirt, and look how great it looks with shorts!  The sweater is a perfect summer companion for me, and is in one of my favorite colors.

The yarn was a new one for me, Rowan Creative Linen in Phlox.  I knit the smallest size and even with my added length, I used barely 5 skeins, not 6 as the pattern suggested.  Creative Linen is 50/50 linen/cotton.  The ball band says to hand wash and dry flat, and while I think that is what you should do, I will tell you that I machine washed mine (inside out, in a sweater bag, cool water and gentle cycle) and tumble dried on low and it was perfect.  If it had shrinkage, I couldn't tell. Creative Linen is a hearty summer yarn, and can easily extend from spring to fall. It was easy to knit and had great stitch definition before and after washing.  I will definitely use it again.  I imagine Creative Linen would be perfect for cables and lace as it was very easy to maneuver.  The colors are happy and bright and it takes the dye really well. 

I told you on Monday about my model, my young neighbor, Jessica, an aspiring model.  Did she like this sweater?  Yes, she did!  She bounced out of the dressing room with a big smile, saying she loved the color, loved the 3/4 length sleeves, the boxy shape, the wide neck!  Now, to keep things real around here, and since this is knit for me, I've also included a few grainy computer pictures of me wearing it. I wear it tucked in with my jeans and use a belt with my skirt and like it both ways.  It's been a fun summer sweater in such a happy color.  You know by now I like a simple sweater, but I think simple is best and is almost always the most flattering look on me.

I have sooo many cute garments finished and Jessica has modeled them all for me!  I can't wait to share the entire bunch!

Splash from Echos by Kim Hargreaves
my Ravelry project page

In my photo it looks like it's wrinkled, but it's not.  I don't know why, but where my computer sits, and how the sun comes in, it creates shadows that look like wrinkles.


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  1. I have knitted a couple of jumpers in Creative Linen which are both on my Ravelry projects page (Cookies and Cream from Rowan 53 and Snapdragon from Creative Linen Simple Shapes) and I think that it is the perfect summer/autumn yarn. Both of these are open lacy patterns and yes you're right it does work well for this type of pattern so it's good to hear that it works just as well in stocking stitch. My plan is to knit a closer textured jumper in Creative Linen for next summer. I really fancy Yarrow also from Simple Shapes which uses lace detail to give the illusion of shaping.

    However, saying that both you and your model look fantastic in the Kim Hargreaves number which you have knitted. If nothing else I am going to use this colour which is not one I would normally go for but think looks so bright and colourful.

  2. Simple looks best on you because you are so pretty! And even lovelier as a person. I am lucky enough to know this.

  3. I love the colour and easy style - you sell the yarn well,I shall look out for it.


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