Kim and Kristen

August 07, 2015

Happy day for knitters!
Kim Hargreaves new book is out.  

My love affair with Kim's designs go way back.  When I first discovered her she was a house designer for Rowan.  After years with Rowan, and after becoming their head designer, she became an independent.  As much as I like Kim's simple and elegant designs, I am just as interested in the yarns she's chosen.  Then and now she exclusively uses Rowan yarns, which is my favorite yarn too, and she loves what I love:  Kidsilk Haze, All-Seasons Cotton, and Kid Classic.  Last winter she designed a coat using Rowan Brushed Fleece; I made it quickly, wore it constantly, loved it immensely--then promptly went out and bought another bag of the stuff, this time in red.  I held on to it for a year, because I thought, I'll bet Kim has fallen for Brushed Fleece too and will come out with another coat--I'll just hold tight.  My wait was rewarded yesterday, because I was right, she apparently does love Brushed Fleece because she designed two coats this season with it.  Gina and Cedar below use the fairisle technique using Cedar and Peat.  Both have crochet trim.  Both are stunning.

Below is Kristen.  Yep, my namesake.  Look at that simple shape.  Sigh.  And it's knit using Kidsilk Haze.  Perfect.  And see the pretty boat neck?  This is kismet.  ALL are elements I love, so I am declaring that Kim named this in my honor.  I've always wanted a rose, or a tomato, or a sweater named after me!  Wish granted! :)  And when the book arrives, I'm dropping everything, I mean everything, and knitting this.

Below are some of my favorites.  As for the yarn she's chosen, besides using Brushed Fleece and Kidsilk Haze, you'll find other favorites too:  Kid Classic, Lima, Cotton Lustre and Mohair Haze.  Kim also used the new Big Wool Silk, Alpaca Merino DK and the Super Fine Merino.   The book will be out in the shops soon, but you can order directly from Kim's website where you'll see all the designs.  Swoon.



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  1. I rather like this book seems to be a mix of cold- AND warm-weather yarns -- more mileage in transitional seasons! And I definitely think you should consider "Kristen" your namesake. :D

    1. I know, it was interesting that she uses Cotton Lustre on a few of her designs. I'm just using this yarn now, and know why she loves it--it's very silky and glides so easily.

  2. Love love love the black cabled sweater:)

  3. Every single design is perfection. Wish I had my own army of knitters. Thanks for bringing these to the fore.

  4. PS. Those over the knee boots . . . sigh!


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