tiny trees garland

December 07, 2014

This is surely the most charming and most fun little project I've made recently.  Eight tiny trees took only a few hours to knit and marks my entry into the world of fairisle knitting, and I must admit, I'm more than a teensy bit proud of myself.  The tiny trees are a great beginner fairisle project and I do think at some point I could manage some cuffs or other small fairisle details on a sweater.  I did get tangled up in yarn a few times, but not too big of a deal. 


I used Felted Tweed DK, Kidsilk Haze and KS Glamour and Anchor Artiste Metallic.  They are more sparkly in real life.

Here is my Ravelry page link for the tiny tree garland.

My dining room buffet has a flashy holiday look this year, and I wanted the tiny trees to have  a dash of that sparkle.

The tree garland is from the book Easy Fairisle Knits by Martin Storey,  pictures and my review here. I was inspired by bloggers Anne and Claire who, throughout December, are both knitting a tree a day and asked readers to join them.  I jumped on the bandwagon right away and maybe you'll want to jump on too.

The pattern calls for scraps of Rowan Felted Tweed DK, and while I had plenty, I did have to ask my friend if I could raid her FTDK stash as I had a color theme in mind.  Have you noticed how knitters are sharers?  Our knitting community is so nice, don't you think?  I have lots of Rowan Kidsilk Haze leftovers and included them, as well as some sequiny Kidsilk Glamour, and to add more sparkle, a big dose of Anchor Metallic Artiste.  The details are on my Ravelry project page.

I hope you are settling into the holiday season and enjoying it too! I have my house decorated (pretty much) and will share some photographs when I get some good ones.  Right now I'm busy with planning a few parties.  I'm having a Christmas Tea this week for all the women in my church plus my husband and I are hosting a chili party the weekend before Christmas for his golf buddies and their spouses.  I'm keeping both parties pretty easy and mellow and I'll hopefully get pictures of both to share.  I've got lots of projects on the needles and some surprise posts coming up, so come back soon for a visit!  xo Kristen


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  1. How adorable! Kidsilk Haze and metallic! How / where did you get the litte hooks? What...no Mile of icord? Ha ha ha.....I haven't posted my Sunday tree....so today will be a double header :)

  2. Kristen, your trees turned out just beautifully! I am so proud of you for venturing into the world of fair isle knitting, and now you see how easily you mastered it! Next up, I predict some fair isle trim on a sweater.....:-)

  3. Kristen my LYS highlighted your candy cane scarf as a Christmas gift idea today! Check out creamcityyarn.Com this is in brookfield wisconsin.

  4. Those tree are so cute! They would also be a nice as small, individual gifts.

  5. The tree garland is just so precious!!! I love the little "hangers" the trees are on and that curly wire. The curly wire really makes a huge difference! Your whole display is really pretty with the array of trees and lights.

    Have fun with your parties!


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