greetings from owl country

December 15, 2014

When I asked my friend what sweater she wanted for her new granddaughter, without a moment's hesitation she said, "A pink owl sweater, please."  She has seen one or two at a baby shower and knew she needed one in her family.  I completely understand and was only too happy--I love this pattern and have knit perhaps a dozen.  Have you knit one yet?  You won't be sorry, you'll love every stitch.  I personally think a baby's wardrobe is not complete without one!

Even though making owls from cables has been around for decades, Penny Straker's mother, Janice, is believed to be the first person to publish it some 40 plus years ago.  I knit my first one 30 years ago for my own son.  I think saying "hoo, hoo" was the first animal sound he could make.  I used to point at the owl and ask, "What does the owl say?"  After a while, whenever I pulled out the bright blue sweater he would beat me to the punch and say, "hoo, hoo".  Little monkey!  

The YARN, I loved it so much!  My first time ever using Swans Island Yarn from Maine, USA and I'm a total convert.  The sport weight 100% machine washable wool has all the characteristics we've come to expect in a high quality yarn:  baby soft, silky, elastic and bouncy.  I prefer wool for baby and children's knits as a lightweight wool like this can be worn year 'round.  Wool will keep an active child or a quiet child warm, as wool breathes and has the ability to self-regulate body temperature.  It's true!  Perhaps I'm just speaking for myself, but I am comfortable wearing lightweight wool just about any time of year.   All links are at the end of the post.

Hand dyed with low-impact dyes--in this picture you can see the slight color variations.  Beautiful.

The owls.  So dang cute.

I haven't given up on my scrappy stripey baby sweaters.  In the one below there are a half dozen different shades of whites and pinks, some bits were so little they could barely give me a stripe, but they always turn out cute.  The yarns used are a mix of dk weight machine wash and dry wool and cotton.  As long as they are the same weight and the same care, and I like the colors, then anything goes.  See below for helpful links.

Penny Straker Owl Pattern for babies and for children
my Ravelry page for Petal Pink Owl
read how to make free scrappy, stripey sweaters for baby here and here
read how to make FREE kits for your baby sweaters here
my Ravely page for the pink striped baby sweater


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  1. Your sweaters are so perfect! I will have to try that Swans Island yarn.

  2. The owl sweater looks gorgeous. I love the idea of using scraps for the striped cardigans too.

  3. The owls are adorable! The button eyes are a very nice touch.

  4. My favorite posts about these baby sweaters!! I have them all bookmarked!

  5. Beautiful sweaters, beautiful yarns, and most assuredly, beautiful babies.

  6. Gulp! I'm feeling the need for some grandchildren to knit this gorgeous little cardi for. Its sooo lovely Kristen!

  7. So, so,so pretty! Just so delicate and incredibly feminine! I wish my granddaughter would wear soft, pretty colors like this. For most little girls these sweaters would be heaven on earth!


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