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October 17, 2014

I think I'm a little late to the fall decorating party as I'm just now thinking of adding a rustic dash here and there.  There are so many beautiful ideas out there, but maybe you don't want too too much, just a wee bit.  And maybe you don't want to go to Pottery Barn and plunk out the big bucks for turkey plates or Halloween decor.  And while you can certainly find some beautiful things, they often seem limiting, and anyway, you have to store it somehow off-season. Rather than decorate specifically for Halloween or Thanksgiving, I'd rather decorate for fall in general.  Here are some beautiful and fairly inexpensive ideas that can carry you through the fall months, and most would even be pretty during Christmastime.  I've included the source in each caption when I could.

I always love simple and think this would be beautiful on the sideboard.
Brainstorm, I think I have something that might work for this.

My table is small, but I could manage a paired down version of this, really just pumpkins and greenery, simple!

White and gold and green, a pretty and soothing look for any time of year.

I could easily do a modified version of this, we have plenty of magnolia leaves and persimmons.

Apples are always pretty, even prettier with candles.

so beautiful so beautiful so beautiful so beautiful

This post includes a tutorial on making the tiny pumpkin candles.  I really like the linen runner.

so copying this idea

Here is a Tutorial for pinecone garland that she swears will hang beautifully.

I find that a big glass vase like this is invaluable for every season--source.

If you are feeling particularly crafty, this blog is excellent.

And while I'm not too much into decorating for Halloween, here's one sophisticated trick for Halloween decor!

ribbon bats
This darling girl has free printables for spooky bookcovers.



handsome dude
And don't forget that sometimes the best costumes are often the easiest ones.  All you need here is a black eyebrow pencil.  I once captured my neighbor's white lab and penciled in some thick eyebrows and sent him home.  I didn't get a picture of him but somehow he looked French, like this little fella.  How does this make a dog look French?  But it does, right?  

Vous pensez que je suis beau, oui?


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  1. Oh, goodness.....I am laughing SO hard at that dog!!! I can see him talking like Maurice Chevalier!!! All he needs is a top hat to finish off the look!!!

    You have a lot of really fun autumn and Halloween looks here! I have pinned several for future use. Some of the ideas are so wonderfully simple that they make me want to decorate to the hilt!!! You have access to so much wonderful natural elements...there's no way you could possibly fail in creating something fabulous for fall!!!

    I'm with you on sparse actual Halloween decorating. I'm not sure that I have the strength and energy to go there anymore. Old age...what a trip! :-)

    Have a happy weekend!

  2. Great table ideas. Thank you.


  3. Yes! The dog does look French! I'm still laughing!


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