October 10, 2014

We have a new Kim Hargreaves publication to swoon over.  Kim's new book showcases her classic feminine take on the latest trends.  She loves Rowan and uses two of their new fall introductions, Mohair Haze and Brushed Fleece, but also the old favorites, Kidsilk Haze and Felted Tweed.   Here are a few of my favorites from her newest collection. You can purchase the book on Kim's website or at your local knitting shop.

Darkness in Brushed Fleece, a new Rowan yarn just out.  I've yet to review this yarn, but when I do, I'll be saying that I love it.  It's a fat cozy yarn, light and fluffy and big on loft.  Amazing stuff.  When I first knit a sample of this yarn I knew I wanted to make a coat with it. This is that coat. Ordering the yarn ASAP.

Crazy sexy Silence is the mullet of sweaters; all business in the front...
…and all party in the back.  Gah, I love this.  Knit in KSH and Fine Lace held together.

Here's another one in Brushed Fleece.  Cozy, a big fabulous oversized V.

Honoured Jacket has a ladylike pleated peplum with tweedy stipes in Felted Tweed DK.
Hushed is so dear, knit with Mohair Haze and Fine Lace together.

Light, also knit with KSH and Fine Lace together features delicate eyelet stripes.
  Have you tried these two yarns together yet?  Heaven.

Dark uses KSH and big needles to make an airy fabric.

Kim shows off one of her new shades of KSH Stripe in Precious.  Look for Kim's new colors in your LYS soon.
  Gentle is subtle and elegant in garter stitch.
Very cool, Intense in Lima. 

Mild, cables and bobbles in Cocoon, a lovely yarn.

Close fitting Quiet with lace hem, knit in Lima.

More tweedy stripes in Shadow, using both Felted Tweed Aran and FTDK.

Close fitting Temperate knit in the new Mohair Haze uses Kim's trademark ladylike hem and cuff frill.

See all the designs and purchase the book here.

We are on the road right now and will be home tomorrow in time to watch the Giants game! We've had to miss a few games but I'm so glad to be home for the rest of the month and *hopefully* watch the Giants play throughout the entire Orange October!  On and off through the last few months we have been on planes and long car rides and am proud to report I've been using that time wisely, knitting like a madwoman. I've finished a poncho, a baby sweater (or maybe two, I can't remember), a Kim Hargreaves pullover, a Kidslik Haze Stripe pullover, TWO sweaters from the new Rowan Mag. 56, a Big Wool vest for Annie, and an almost finished Pi Shawl.  I also knit a house.  Hmmm.  I really did.  Just need pictures, terrifying prospect, my poor husband.  See you soon!


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  1. I totally agree, Kim Hargreaves' Still is a phenomenal collection of designs! I ordered my book the minute I got the email that it was available. I want to knit a lot of those designs you posted here. Sigh. Especially the hoodie in brushed fleece.

    It sounds like you've been unbelievably productive in your knitting. I can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Beautiful sweaters. I can see you knitting all of these.


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