October 13, 2014

Here's my progress on the Kaffe KAL, and the thing is, I just love knitting stripes.  Plus I love the colors, but never would I have imagined them together, but it all works and is a project I am enjoying so much.  If you are interested in joining approximately 2,000 knitters from around the world, it's not too late.  The patterns are free and we are in week 2 and will be knitting through December as the clues are released at an easy pace of one every week and a half.  If you don't have time to start it now, at least download the patterns each release date so you can have them in your library to work on when you can.  They really are fun to knit.  The yarn is machine washable Rowan Pure Wool Worsted, a fat bouncy yarn with great stitch definition that's easy to knit.  I love it.  The pattern includes color selections for 4 Kaffesque colorways, red, turquoise, pastel and brown (mine).

Clue 1 of the left, clue 2 on the right.  The colors are most true in this photo...

...and isn't it weird how a colored background can really throw off the colors.  I'm blocking and weaving in my ends as I go along, but leaving a tail at the beginning and end in case I need them for the sewing up part.

Here's my colorful project basket, so pretty.  It's the brown colorway and simply gorgeous.  I am going to totally love my FO!

My clever young friend Sarah of the Nottingham Knitter Blog has created a great cheat sheet for the pattern, an easy to follow spreadsheet.  She and I are both making the brown colorway, and her spreadsheet was created for week one, but I used it for week two as well.  Download her PDF from this post no matter what colorway you are knitting, you'll be glad you did.  You'll see it works for all the colorways and makes knitting this easy project even easier.  

Clue Schedule:

Wed. Oct. 1 - 1st clue
Fri. Oct. 10 - 2nd clue
Wed. October 22 - 3rd clue
Fri. October 31 – 4th clue
Wed. Nov. 12 - 5th clue, making-up instructions
Fri. Nov. 21 - 6th clue
Wed. Dec. 3 - 7th clue
Fri. Dec. 12 - 8th clue
Fri. Dec. 19 - 9th & 10th clues together before the holiday season
Kaffe PWW Mystery KAL Links:

Download the shopping list (4 languages, 4 colorways, print out only the pages you need!)
Become a member of the Rowan club, it's free and gives access to free patterns and more.
Follow the Rowan FB page for updates
Sarah's easy spreadsheet PDF
Kate Buller interviews Kaffe Fassett about the KAL  
Many knitting stores are kitting the color ways up.  My lys, Uncommon Threads is doing just that.
You can also purchase the yarn online; here are some stores I recommend
with links that take you directly to their Pure Wool Worsted:

Please note that many of these online stores ship internationally.
If yes, there will be a button to click that changes to your currency.  


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  1. Your stripes are perfect. If I dolled this pattern they would be waves!


  2. I'm so pleased that the chart has been helpful, Kristen! Thank you for the mention :)

  3. Ooh, your squares are looking fabulous! I love the autumnal color scheme you chose. :-) I wish I had the time to participate in this KAL, it looks like much more fun than the last one. :-)


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