Walnut and Red Red Roses

May 06, 2014


I finished the little sweater I wrote about last week.  Little Walnut by Martin Storey is from the Mini Collection in Baby Silk Merino DK.  I was stash busting so substituted Rowan Wool Cotton DK in Misty.  I knit the smallest size and it took 3 skeins.  The yardage is less on the Wool Cotton so didn't have quite enough to make the pockets.   It was a very simple and quick knit that took me just 3 nights to finish.  It's knit bottom up, flat and seamed.  Wool Cotton is the kind of yarn that's easy to get perfect tension.  This sweater is unblocked and you can see it really doesn't need it.  It's a fabulous yarn and is a classic over at Rowan; a lovely machine washable, well behaved year 'round yarn and is one I rely on for family knits.  It's not fussy at all with needles and I ended up with my bamboo Clovers.  I'm very happy with this classic little cardigan.  It will heading off to Texas next week and I'm hoping it will fit just around Christmastime! 

All the details and more:

If you only buy one children's knitting book this year, let it be this one.  Here's my review.

Rowan Wool Cotton DK at Jannettes, Deramores, Webs, Jimmy Beans
 Mini Collection by Martin Storey at Jimmy Beans and Deramores
Mini Collection at Jimmy Beans, Deramores
Mini Collection at Jimmy Beans, Deramores
My Ravelry project page

I'm leaving you with some red red roses from my garden. This enormous one is Climbing Blaze.  I don't know if you can tell from this photo but we planted one on each side to climb up an arbor over a path that leads to the back corner of our garden where we have an apple tree and some Peace roses.  We prune them back pretty hard every year but you'd never guess that when it's in bloom.  Pretty amazing, right?

Climbing Blaze seems to be sold out, but look for it next year, you won't be disappointed.

This tree rose is 5 feet across.  I didn't save the name.

Red Simplicity Hedge Rose.

The Rowan Mystery Afghan Week 3 is up!  To download the free pattern from Martin Storey, go here, log in, then press the download button.  Remember, it comes in 4 languages, just print out the one page you need.  If you need a Spanish translation, go to Violetta's blog.  Don't forget to check out the Ravelry forum for discussing Week 3. Lastly, lace patterns can be written or charted.  This week's pattern is written but if you would like the chart, go to Sarah's blog post, scroll to the end and download Week 3, Heirloom Lace Chart.  You'll still need to download the pattern from the knitrowan.com site.  You're all set!  Enjoy!

Here are my blocks so far.  If you have been working steadily, you should have 12 blocks by now!


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  1. You must scramble around finding infinite vase options for all these amazing blooms! My goodness, I didn't know such thing existed... seriously, why ever leave your yard?! ;)

  2. Wow! Those climbing roses are simply amazing!!!!!

  3. Agree with Dayana, i would nevah leave!

  4. Do you ever just sit under your rose arbor and breathe it in? What a fragrance it must be! The blooms are extraordinary. :-)

    You are making great progress with your blanket, I see. And what an adorable baby cardigan!

  5. You were able to knit that beautiful sweater in just 3 nights??? In my mind, it's something that would have easily taken a month. Wow...unbelievable! It's a really pretty little sweater, even without pockets. What's a baby going to put in her pockets anyway? ;-)

    GORGEOUS roses!!!

  6. You are the only one I know who could photograph close ups of your knitting and not see one flaw!
    The red roses are awesome.



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