May 20, 2014

I've been meaning to post a review of the latest Kim Hargreaves publication but a combination of being partially lazy and partially busy has kept me away from blogging.  Kim's style shines all the way through Honey, her most recent book.  She's all about gorgeous yarn and simple style, the kind of knitting that calls my name!

 Kiki in Kidsilk Haze.  If you've never tried knitting KSH knitted double, it's pure heaven.
While I love her color combo here, I can't help but think I could sub in a lot of
my KSH stash supplementing with a few new colors.  I would make long sleeves.
Love the boat neck.   

Angie, with it's tidy buttons and peplum waist has caught everyone's
attention.  Here it is knit in Cotton Glace, but I could see it for winter
 knit with longer sleeves using Felted Tweed DK.

Goldie uses one strand of KSH and one strand of Fine Lace held together.
I've seen that combination in other patterns and think it would be fantastic.
As for the pattern, I made one similar to this and love to wear it. 
 Despite it looking like it would be too swimmy, it's actually very flattering.

Textured stitches in Mia using Softknit Cotton.

Nicely shaped neck in this cropped cardi.  Bibi, knit in KSH used double.

Jodie, knit in Softknit Cotton.  Lovely boat neck with cable stripes.

Candice is knit with Panama, a cotton/linen/rayon blend that is beautiful to knit and has great drape.

Cheryl, knit in All Seasons Cotton.  I love this, but would lengthen the ribbing to the hip.

Another flattering boat neck beauty, Dylan in Handknit Cotton
I have some of the new Denim in my stash, which looks fab in cables.  Tempting.

Faye above, knit in Wool Cotton comes in both cardi and pullover versions.
Easy to lengthen if shorties are not your thang.
Two hats, Gerry on the left, Sissy on the right.

Can you see the little eyelets on the cap sleeves and then again on the hem?
This is such a "Kim" detail.  So simple, so fresh.
Madeline is knit in Cotton Glace and makes a lovely summer tee.

Slim and flattering Patty with lovely cable detail.  So young and fresh knit in Panama.

Seriously crazy about Sherry with it's shawl collar.   Knit in Revive, a beautiful yarn made from
recycled silk, cotton and rayon and a new summer fav of mine.  Gorgeous in this blue.

Marisa, over sized open work tee knit in All Seasons Cotton.

Raquel, knit in All Seasons Cotton with purl bump stripes.
I love this neckline for summer.  Farrah is knit in Creative Linen.

Jacqueline is quite a masterpiece!  Beautiful texture in All Seasons Cotton.

Kelly, knit in Softknit Cotton just speaks to me.  Such a pretty way to take away a  little night chill!

Candy, an open work crochet scarf made in Pure Linen.

Purchase HONEY directly from Kim's site.
Here are all the patterns on Rav, queue away!

Rowan yarns used:  All Seasons Cotton, Cotton Glace, Pure Linen, Wool Cotton
Kidsilk Haze, Panama, Revive,  Fine Lace, Softknit Cotton and Handknit Cotton.  
I've used them all and love them all.  You can check them out at the Rowan site.

The most recent afghan square has been posted and might be my most favorite one to knit.  Love the name, Dots and Dashes! Download the free pattern here.  It comes in several languages, so just print out the two pages you need.  If you need a Spanish translation, visit Violetta's blog.

An update from Rowan:   Hi All, as your pile of Pure Wool Worsted squares are building up, here are some tips to ensure they’re ready for making up: 
We recommend an initial wash of each square, for blocking into shape. This will also remove excess dye. Remove excess water by rolling in a towel, and pin into shape (20cm x 20cm). 
Dry the squares flat and in the shade. When the squares dry, they should all be an even shape, ready for making up. This process is called blocking, and will mean the squares are a consistent shape for making up, and won’t run or bleed into the other shades when machine washing in the future. Any further issues, please contact mail@knitrowan.com.


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  1. I have a few stand out favorites, but honestly, I could knit every single one! Beautiful.

  2. You are so bad showing me those beautiful designs :D I already choose at least 6 projects from that book, when am I gonna find the time for it? :D they all are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful sweaters. Which one are you going to make first?


  4. Okay, you've pushed me over the edge! I'd been eyeing the book for a few weeks, but I bit the bullet and finally ordered it. :)


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