Winter Dinner Party for 8

January 20, 2013

I hope you aren't getting tired of my dinner party escapades!
We had so much fun!
Menu and shopping links are at the end of the post.

The Table Setting:

Dinner Plates, Pottery Barn Cambria in mushroom
Soup Plates,  Arte Italica Splendore
White Serving Dishes, Pottery Barn
Flatware, 18th Century by Reed and Barton 
Napkins, a discontinued pattern from Le Jacquard Francais
Tablecloth, a fabric remnant
Old bottle collection, recent score from Goodwill, $1 to $2 each, oh my!

The Menu:

Addictive Homemade Sweet Potato Chips

Roasted Tomato Soup with Wild Rice

Roasted Fennel and Pencil Leeks

 Outrageous Brownies, Sliced Apples and Macaroons

I loved this dinner party, not only because I loved our guests, but I loved the unfussy menu.  I set the table, did the shopping and made the desserts the day before.  On dinner party day, I sat around and knit all day until it was time to get cracking at 3 PM.  The only thing I would change is not to overcook the meat, it was a little tough and I read that overcooking will do that to a flank steak.  Still, I think it was a very good dinner that I would be happy to do again.

I start the dinner with soup served and on the table, then invite my guests to sit down.  The main course is almost always served buffet style.  This is best for my house and for my style.   The entire menu was wheat/gluten free except the brownies.  The book Wheat Belly makes a compelling argument on why to go wheat free.  I, along with my mother and a few friends, are giving this a go.  My mother hopes to lose weight and ease some of the arthritis pain, I hope to get rid of my stomach aches.  I'll let you know how we are doing as we go along.

One of our guests, a certain gentleman we have known for many years, has a little trick he pulls each time he comes over:  he sneaks around and rearranges things.  Just little things, like moving this trinket here and that trinket there.  It's become a game now, and after our guests leave, I poke around to see what is amiss.  I think he loves to do it because he knows it drives me mad!  Haha, I know I am persnickety.   Fun night!

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  1. Such a pretty table, love the bottles in the center, looks so gardenie, wow does that meal look wonderful, I wish I were there to taste everything, thanks for sharing it all

  2. Another gorgeous table! Happy New Year 2013!

  3. I had the privilage of seeing this table set first hand and then watched my daughter prepare the meat and suffing. She was cooking wild rice and it smelled so good and it is my favorite rice. Your pictures really turn out beautiful and show off your table and food. I think your amazing how you entertain and make it look so easy....

  4. Kristen, you are amazing!!! Love how you set your tables! Adore your way of writing your posts! Thank you for inspiration!

  5. Your gentleman friend and I would make a terrible twosome! I like his style!!! That's funny...and mischievous in a way that is really charming. You set a really nice table for this dinner party, and I love the simplicity of the centerpiece. It's simple, yet it has plenty of color and texture provided by nature. That rolled beef looks really, really good! I am always so afraid of how beef dishes will turn out, especially since people like it cooked anywhere from rare to burnt within an inch of its life. :-) Yours is beautiful!

  6. This looks so elegant and nice! Thanks for sharing what looks like a wonderful meal!! =D

  7. I would love to attend this dinner party! Yum! I'm sure everyone enjoyed every bite!

  8. You have some really great tips in there! We are starting to do a special family dinner every Sunday and I'm excited to start implementing some of these tips! Thanks so much for sharing this! I'll be following your blog starting now!

  9. This looks so graceful and nice! Thanks for sharing
    look like a superb banquet......


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