Where Does She Store It All?

January 22, 2013

I'm entranced when bloggers invite me to peek into their cupboards and closets!  It seems so imprudent and cavalier, having people peeping behind closed doors, and so tactless to be the one to do the snooping, yet they are my favorite posts!  So with that said, come on over, have a look around, and finally get an answer to that question, "Where on earth does she store all that stuff?"

But first I wanted to show you a hostess gift I received, don't you love the clever vase?

Last year we repainted the living room and I cleaned out and organized each cupboard.
I got rid of many things that I wasn't using anymore.  Still, I am left with a lot!
It' difficult for me to get rid of things that I have been given, even if they're
rarely used.  Holding on to things could be a big problem and if I didn't
have so much storage in this old house. 

 In my living room I have a wall of cupboards.
One cupboard is for candles, another for crystal and 3 are dedicated to Christmas.
The three at the end store my dishes.

I'm so happy with the way I've organized the plates.
Every thing is easy to reach.

This holds my Pottery Barn and Arte Italica plates.

Along with the inherited china, I inherited the quilted china storage pieces that are
zippered, like these, if you don't know what I'm talking about.
I got rid of them years ago, I hated them, hated unzipping and then never finding 
the piece I was looking for.  Dishes stay just as nice stacked away and I don't even bother
to use the plate separators either.  I found I wouldn't use my dishes if I couldn't grab
them easily and replace them quickly.  I did however, keep the cups storage, those I do like.

This cupboard holds my Aunt's Lenox Autumn Harvest and some miscellaneous.

This one is filled to the brim with my mother's Pink Roses Limoge,
pattern Delaware, also some pretty vintage pink banded china and my Blue Willow.

Built in buffet holds platters and the flotsam collected over the years.

All this storage enables me to keep everything within easy reach for quick access.
It makes is very easy to set a table.

The bar separates the dining room and living room.  A great place to set up a buffet, plus incredible storage.

The deep space in the corner part of the bar holds my mother's beautiful Imperial Candlewick.

Two slim cupboards hold my stems.

The sideboard in the living room holds the table linens.
I used to work at a fine linen store and
I discovered a weakness for linens that I haven't been able to cure.
I recently took on my ironing basket and ironed and folded all my linens,
then organized them by size and color.

Now, if only it would stay this way!

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  1. Very beautifully neat storage you have, my friend. I love the long cupboard. I don't have one, but I store my stuff all over the house, whatever I see a cupboard, a door I can open, etc., lol..Speaking of storage...come and see my stash!! Hugs,

  2. Amazing and beautiful storage you have there! You're making us all envious. ;-)

  3. I am so envious me here with hardly any storage!

  4. Amazing!!!!!! Love the tour and how you store these goodies!!

  5. I would have built-ins in every room of my house if I could! They're so charming and add so much character to a home - not to mention all the storage!!!! I'm sooooo jealous!! Love it!

  6. You worked at a fine linens store?!??!?!!! I don't know how you were able to survive it! I would have wanted every last one of them!!! Looks like you got your fair share, though, and they're SO neatly stored! You are so fortunate to have such great storage right out there "in the open" that doesn't require trips up and down steps, etc. I totally remember those quilted storage things!!! I still have a set from back in the 80s. I keep one of my Christmas patterns in it just because. Mine isn't quite so colorful as yours, though. Mine are the blah white. Great storage!!! Ooohhh...and VERY pretty hostess gift for the Hostess With the Mostess!

  7. Good Evening Kristen, What a marvellously huge storage area, with everything so neatly tucked out of site.
    I do have some lovely cupboards to store my dishes, but I am always looking for more space. I wonder if it is just that I need to prune my dishes....now that is too much to consider!
    Best Wishes

  8. Wow Kristen, you are so lucky to have that much storage in your house. Makes it easier to find everything and keeps it from getting broken. You have quite the collection. I'm in love with the linens. I have a weakness for these as well, especially table runners and napkins. I got rid of quite a few recently,because I was running out of room!

  9. You have a wonderful skill for making display worthy spaces out of storage spots. Lovely. Thanks for giving us a peak behind closed doors. Cherry Kay

  10. You are one lucky lady to have that volume of storage so readily available. Most of my stash is in the basement, which means many trips up and down the stairs. Your storage also looks great.

    - The Tablescaper


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